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Refer a friend!

The latest, updated version of the MindHealth App is now LIVE!

I hope you are enjoying the latest updates to the MindHealth App and have been getting great use out of being able to access all of the app content whilst offline!

If you have been making use of the app, I would love to know your thoughts on the content and accessibility of the app features. Any feedback or reviews left, are greatly appreciated, and can be left via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Android Devices.


Any recommendations of the MindHealth App to friends, family and colleagues are also greatly appreciated. The more people that can benefit from the content provided in the App, the better; let’s get helping as many people as possible to improve their mental health and general well-being, by spreading the word!

As a thank you for sharing the App, I am offering a ‘refer a friend’ scheme reward! If someone you refer to the App let’s us know your name and email address as the referrer, we will send you a FREE purchase code which allows you to access the App content completely for FREE!

Simply refer – referred person provides your name and email address – you as the referrer receives FREE MindHealth Content!

We look forward to seeing lots of you over on the app.

To download the latest version of the MindHealth app with all of the updated content – head to the App Store and Google Play Store on Apple and Android devices.

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