Don’t Feed The Cat

Seeing your child suffer with anxiety is a difficult experience. And knowing how to lessen a child’s worries without invalidating their feelings can be even harder.

That’s why I use the cat analogy when helping children (and grown-ups) learn how to overcome anxiety. The cat is a small worry that, when fed, grows into something big, scary, and unmanageable – the lion! 

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

6 Ways Anxiety Shows in Children

Anxiety in children can manifest in a number of ways:

Refusal Refusing to go to school or take part in extra curricular activities.

Tantrums Extreme behaviour when told ‘no’ or during schedule changes.

Shyness Extreme shyness around both familiar and unfamiliar people.

Control An extreme desire to be in control both at home and school.

Aches & Pains Frequently complaining of headaches or stomach ache.

Nightmares Often dreams of getting hurt or losing loved ones.

The First book in the ‘Don’t Feed The Cat’ series – ‘Don’t Feed The Cat’

Don’t Feed the Cat is a book for children who worry. It’s also for parents, carers, teachers, and healthcare professionals to use as a tool to empower children, helping them conquer their anxiety and take control of their thoughts. 

This tried and tested method helps children realise they have the power to stop the lion in its tracks and enjoy each day as it comes.

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The Second book in the ‘Don’t Feed The Cat’ Series – ‘The Cat Is Back’

This book is the second in this Cat series and is perfect for helping parents and teachers educate children to understand how their mind works when they are suffering from anxiety, insecurities and worry habits.

With the new skills in this book, children can start to understand on a deeper level, how to build inner confidence and self-esteem. There’s no age limit to insecurities and anxiety, this being said young people can also find it much harder to understand the inner workings of their thoughts and emotions. This was why I started to adapt my work to truly allow children to understand how they are feeling and find ways for them to let go of anxiety and develop self-confidence.

This interactive self-help book designed to explain, guide and teach 7 – 16 years old children and their parents how to change those worry habits.

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The Third book in the ‘Don’t Feed The Cat’ Series – ‘The Cat Lives On’

This book looks at another aspect of how we can be feeding our worry habits and there is lots more support and advice for you and your child to help them become a step closer to being worry free.

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The Fourth book in the ‘Don’t Feed The Cat’ Series – ‘I Can’t See The Cat’

This final book in the series is the last aspect of the worry habits and helps the child to take these final steps to becoming safe and secure. Helping you and your child to then find ways to live life worry free.

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