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MindHealth App

The latest, updated version of the MindHealth App is now LIVE!

Enjoy the latest feature of the MindHealth App and GO OFFLINE!

You can now access all of the content on the MindHealth App whilst offline. This means that even with your phone on airplane mode, you can still enjoy all of the MindHealth content whenever you please; whether that be whilst travelling abroad, driving in the car, or relaxing at home without any disturbances!

You can download all of your favourite content to be saved in your personal library, and you can access it any time, anywhere, with or without wifi! Simply click on the 3 dots next to the content you wish to save, and click ‘Add to Library’. Then, from your Personal Library, you can access all of your saved content from the top menu bar and read/listen to this content whilst your phone is in airplane mode.

To download the latest version of the MindHealth app with all of the updated content – head to the App Store and Google Play Store on Apple and Android devices.

I hope you enjoy the latest updates to the App – please feel free to leave your thoughts and feedback on the App Store. Sara x

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