25% off treatments with Amy Hammond

Treat yourself or a loved one to a moment of wellness and relaxation with Amy's bespoke aromatherapy treatments. Tailored to you and your individual needs, choose from a range of wonderful holistic therapies, with 25% off, exclusively at Advanced Beauty and Wellbeing. Treatments available include:Aromatherapy Full Body MassageAromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulder MassageHot Stone MassageCupping… Continue reading 25% off treatments with Amy Hammond

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listen to me watch me Setting goals is a great way to help us move our lives forward, also it is great for us to be the best version of ourselves as well. I think life can really fly by, days become weeks and weeks become months and years. This is fine as long as… Continue reading Goals

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Inner no.

listen to me watch me We looked in the last blog about saying no to others and making our lives more balanced by the natural tug-of-war of relationships and life. This blog wants to explore the more internal self-desires and limiters to saying no. I think we can all say yes to the fact that,… Continue reading Inner no.

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listen to me watch me The power of saying no has a tremendous effect on our mental health, as it allows us to value ourselves more. It also helps us prioritise ourselves. This can even lead us to new opportunities that wouldn't have been achievable by saying yes. Also, it allows us to set boundaries… Continue reading NO.

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Self Love

listen to me watch me I think we could all do with loving ourselves more. In this very competitive world we live in, it is very easy to not feel good enough. If we start feeling this way about ourselves then it will be hard to love ourselves in the ways we should. Self-love is… Continue reading Self Love

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listen to me watch me Anxieties, panic attacks, and severe worrying can take time for us to fully recover, and it is important to own this. If we don't acknowledge the process of breaking out from bad habits into new ones, we can get pressurised by our inner thought processes. If we think just after… Continue reading Broken

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listen to me watch me “Life is for living”, is a saying I am sure most of you have heard before. I agree that this is the case and that we have to embrace life and work to make the most of every day.  I think it is great to look at life from this… Continue reading Live