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Where it all began..

Don't Feed The Cat! If you've been following my blogs for some time, you will already be very familiar with my 'Don't Feed The Cat' analogy. This analogy is what my very first blogs were based on, around 4 years ago, which you can read here. 'Feeding the cat' refers to the concept of feeding… Continue reading Where it all began..

Anxiety, Depression, Emotional, Fear, Habits, Phobia, Self development, The Cat, Worry

Who’s feeding my cat?

LISTEN TO ME WATCH ME If you haven’t read the other four blogs about the cat, and you suffer from worries and anxiety, then I would recommend that you do. They are ‘Don’t Feed The Cat’, ‘The Cat Is Back’, ‘The Cat Lives On’ and ‘I Can’t See The Cat’. These four blogs can help… Continue reading Who’s feeding my cat?