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We have been looking over the last few weeks at how to deal with contained feelings and how we can work to let them go in a safe way. Who wants to live with those feeling just beneath the surface? It’s not a great way to be, we just end up living on the edge all the time and if we’re not careful we can end up letting them out in ways and situations we hadn’t intended to.  In the blog bubble we looked at a few ways we can work to let these feeling go, in ways that are safe for us. Today we are going to look at another way that can help us, firstly what we have to understand is that whatever we do instead of containing emotions deep within us will be sending those signals to our deep inner mind that we feel safe to let them go, just doing this alone is an important step in changing.  

Another way to help us achieve this is to take time to sit down and write down what has upset up and how you still feel. If it was someone that hurt or upset you, it’s good to write them a letter explaining how they hurt you and how you have been feeling since that happened. Often in situation from the past, we maybe don’t feel that we can talk to the person that hurt us or even that those people aren’t even in our lives anymore so writing to them is a great way to help you come to terms with things. Of course, if your issues are too overwhelming then it may mean that you need to find someone like myself to help you work through these with some expert supportive advice.

While you’re writing down how you feel or your letter it’s important to be really open and honest about how you feel, remember this is your private way to express how you feel. I wouldn’t be expecting you to let anyone read them unless you wanted to. Often the most important things in coming to terms with things is not about what other people think or feel it’s about how we think and feel. If we leave things churning around within us then it can grow, get attached to other people and situations and stop us from living our lives in a happy positive way.  The letter you write can strip down all the things you have been carrying from your mind and bring them into reality, as we relook at those things, we can start to look for new ways to help us come to terms with things. It’s not about what has happened, as this is not happening anymore, it’s about how we still feel that is the key area that needs to change.  By taking the time you might be able to find a new way of looking at what happened and find that positive submission of the things we can’t change.

If you are writing a letter then, it’s worth after it is written considering the reply you might have got if this had been sent. Looking at what the other person might have said to you again may help you bring things into a new perspective over this. Another way then is to think about a friend coming to you for advice with these letters and them telling you what happened and how they still feel.  Take the time to think about this and write down what advice you would give them over how to deal with this situation. Then leave them for a day or two and every night before you sleep just see those letters in balloon’s, let them go and watch them fad into the distance. Our minds are amazing and the messages we can send by doing what seems likes simplistic things like this is very powerful. Your mind never switches off and never stops listening, its 90% of your mind capacity so when it starts to change it can be profound and powerful.

After a few days it’s time to get those letters out again and take another look, if these still lots of emotions still left go and use the emotional releasing approach in bubble, if it feels even a little easier and that’s all you need to have moved from having a contained experience, to a changing and healing one.  Do the same again and use the balloon technique and then this time leave it for a week or so, make sure you make a note in your dairy and set aside time to come back and revisit this. If again it feels better than do the balloon technique and leave it another couple of weeks, but if it feels lots easier than when you started it time to fully let this go. 

Set a time in your diary when you will have space and time to do this final part of letting this go. Its time to burn the letters and set yourself free, make sure you find a safe way to do this outside is best in a non-combustible container away from anything else that could catch fire. You might want to start a mini fire first and then offer the letters up to the fire and ask the fire to transform these into ash. You could send forgiveness and healing to everyone you want to who’s included with this and of course lots of this to yourself. Take the time as you watch the letter burn and imagine the feelings and memories in your mind and turning to smoke and the smoke plume is drifting out of your mind and even your body. Then for a few nights imagine the smoke in the air as you head to sleep and keep wafting it all away until the moon or the sun come outs and the air is clear. Remember your mind takes actions and imagines onboard in powerful ways, let this journey to change be powerful and profound for you.

Do remember when we let anything go that we need to fill the void, so make plans do some fun things that make you laugh and smile.

Have a great day, thanks for dropping by Sara x

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