The Cat is Back- Book 2 Coming Soon

Over the past few months the response to Don’t Feed the Cat has been amazing and I cannot thank you all enough for your continued support. It has opened my eyes to the extent that anxiety and other mental health concerns are affecting the younger generation. What has given me the most comfort about rising mental health issues in young people is teachers, parents, grandparents and health care professionals all working to educate themselves to build a resilient future for the children in their lives.

The Cat is Back is the next book in the series, you may remember the blog version and like Don’t Feed the Cat, this book has been adapted for children. But the best part, adults are using it as a resource to educate themselves too! I am really excited to share the first images of the book with you and I would love to hear what you think.

The Cat is Back builds on the cat analogy to show children the different ways that they could be feeding the worries. Despite understanding the need to distract themselves or understanding that they are feelings and there is nothing to be afraid of. The Cat is Back highlights the role that reassurance plays in feeding anxiety and helping it grow. Trying to convince ourselves that we are ok ultimately leads our mind to think that we are not safe and secure inside ourselves, because if we did then we wouldn’t need to say it.

I love the cat analogy as an educational tool as it gives anxiety a form and one that children and adults for that matter can easily visualise and rationalise. It can be used in any situation and as anxiety presents itself differently for everyone but the tactics to deal with it is the same.

I recently completed a CPD session with teachers and how to use Don’t Feed the Cat as a supportive tool in an educational setting. When the new book comes out I am going to be adding a resources library for parents, carers and teachers to be able to access with different tools added every week to help children manage their anxiety. One of the resources is a Pick and Mix selection of activities that children can take out and use as a distraction tool. I would love to hear your thoughts on different types of tools that you would use.

I will be going into nurseries and schools over the next couple of months working with staff on best practices to use the book. My hope is as Ofsted bring in the new criteria in 2020 that schools and parents are well equipped to deal with anxiety in children and together we can build resilience in the next generation. If you know a school that would benefit, please do get in touch and let me know!

If you would like to be first on the list to read the full book when it comes out, email me at sara@hypnosara.blog

Remember, Don’t Feed the Cat is available on Amazon.

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