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Last week we were looking at how we can contain our feelings and how these emotions can have a negative impact on how we feel on a day to day basis. I think it’s important to work these issues through, as continuing to carry them is a daily burden that can impact our mood, anxiety levels and confidence. We looked last week at how making a list of things can help them feel less overwhelming for us, splitting our emotions down can make things more bite size and in turn easier to deal with.  There are lots of ways to start to work things through and today we will look at different techniques that can help you start letting these things go.  If we have broken them down its good to imagine them in bubbles and that we can work to allow the things that have been suppressed to bubble to the surface. If we let them all go at once this can be way too over whelming for us, so it good to continue to contain things and let one bubble out at a time.

If for example we have had to swallow down some sadness over an event that upset us, then it’s good to give ourselves the space to let these emotions out. If we have been holding them for a while, they may feel stuck, so if this is the case it can be good to find things that can help us trigger the release of the emotions. Creating time and a safe place to do this is essential, then we could watch a sad movie, an animal cruelty awareness video from YouTube, remembering what happened and trying to relive the experience. Any of these may help in triggering the emotions back to the surface again, then give yourself about 15 to 20 mins to let the emotions out. Using the same technique or even one of the others, over the next few days you should take time to continue working these emotions though, remember the bigger the issue the longer this may take to work through. You will get to a point where it will start to feel easier, this a good time to then reflect back on the notes you made in the beginning and take another true look at how you are feeling about it now.  Hopefully you can see the progress you have made by allowing the trapped emotions to start to come out, you should then continue working through the emotions to help them release completely.  Try to focus more on the emotions and how the situation made you feel rather than the situation itself, the more we can connect and release the feeling the better we will feel. When we don’t have the same level of emotional connection to the event then we can revisit it and see how it feel now.  Often without the charged emotions we can hold an issue in a better place within us and over time we can work to find that positive submission of the things we can’t change and let it go completely. 

We have to accept what happened, we also know that we can’t change the past as it is what it is, but we can change how we feel about it. with that shift in our emotions we will feel more able to think more clearly about things. Issues fuelled with emotions are hard to deal with, so letting go of the emotions is the key in moving forward. You might think getting upset about something that isn’t fully connected to the past like the movie or video and that it won’t help me move on, but that not the case. Finding situations, movies, YouTube videos etc., that connect to how you are feeling inside are the perfect way to express those trapped feelings. Remember that your mind dreams in metaphor, it finds things that connect with things and uses those approaches to work out things deeper in our minds every night as we are dreaming and sleeping. So, these types of emotional release will help your mind, as it will see the parallels and while you let go of the emotions on a conscious level, beneath the surface while you sleep and dream your mind will continue to work these through.

To aid this, you can, at bedtime put those negative experiences in the bubble and watch them float away. This will send the messages to your mind that you are letting them go and without those emotions inside you, your mind can then continue this process releasing deep within your unconscious mind. There is not right or wrong way to do this, you just need to find your own personal trigger to let those emotions start to bubble to the surface.  Often once we start this they can naturally continue and with the bedtime visualisation you’re sending clear message to your mind to let this go. Now that you’re starting to breakdown the contained emotions you have been carrying within you, you will be able be reflect back to the list and how you felt before you started this, then compare this to how you feel now. Change can take time, but with our inner mind on our side it can happen much more quickly and easily. Imagine that you push that small snowball of the hill, then your inner mind will continue allowing the snow ball to roll down the hill, growing in size, momentum and speed to enhance the changes this is how powerful your inner mind is.

Your mind is always looking for your lead and if you start going in any direction it will always follow this, just like you had to contain the feeling and experiences in the first place your mind helped you do this. Know it’s time to turn the tables round in your mind and choose to get your mind on your side again to change the direction you are taking, your mind will then while you dream and sleep continue to enhance these changes. The only reason it hasn’t is that you have been telling your mind to hold on to it so it has. Also remember though if it contains emotions it just won’t be enough to the tell your mind to start the releasing, as emotions buried alive never die. You have to take the lead role in this by pushing the snow ball of the hill, starting the emotional release is just the push your mind needs so it can start helping you, as it will see your desire, strength and courage to change. Doing this will also help you not let the feeling out in inappropriate ways, as you are in control and are choosing the time and place to release them. The more you take control the more your mind will feel safe to continue the process.

Next week we will continue looking at ways to release what you no longer need, remember your mind is a muscle and it needs regular and consistent exercise to effect positive and long-term change. Make a plan of action, set aside time and in a few weeks, you will start reaping the benefits.

Thanks for dropping by Sara x

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