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This time of year is one of the best times to plan changes, as we all have had tons of New Year’s resolutions programmed into our minds, from us and everyone around us. This will bring that motivation, desire and drive to change on a stronger level to us because of this.  One of the first things we need to change to make lasting change is the desire if we don’t have that and don’t really want to change then change will be near impossible to do. We can’t change for others, we have to change for ourselves, it can, of course, benefit others and we can use it as a driver but we have to be in the driving seat with our own personal needs and desires to change. The next biggest thing in making any change is to get your mind on your side if we don’t have belief to change then this negatively increases our ability to fail and limits our chances to succeed. As without belief we are setting our minds on the search for failure instead of success read Believe the Impossible and start to re-focus your mind into the path that leads to success. Once we have this, we have to then set a goal, if we don’t have a clear way of seeing our path to change how can we expect our minds to follow it?  I think for many people they do lack that clearly defined goal and this is often not seen as important enough in the steps needed to make lasting change. I believe though, this is essential in making lasting change as without it we can’t see how to change and of course as they say seeing is believing and this saying is very true for our inner minds.

If, say your goal is to drink less and be healthier for the New Year, which is, of course, a great goal to set ourselves,  but take a moment to just think about what does this really mean? What is less? What is too much? Is this the days we drink? Or is this the amount we drink? Is this what types of drinks we have? And how long will this last? A week? A month? A life time?  All very important things for us to understand if we truly want to make a sustained change in our lives. All these unanswered questions affect our minds ability to know what we are really choosing to do and without clear guidance making a change is hard.  Take some time with whatever you are choosing to change in the New Year and make sure the plan is clear and precise so that when you start asking your mind to help you it can know clearly what it has to do.  So, let’s say you choose to not drink at home Sunday to Thursday and then only drinking socially to a limit of 3 drinks maximum. That is very clear and it can then be followed by anyone picking up your instructions and that’s the way it needs to be, your mind isn’t a mind reader, it’s a computer and you’re the operator. 

Now let’s look at things that could hamper this change, as there is no point keep trying to change in the same way and continuing to fail this will only anchor failure into your mind. Let’s say you are a wine drinker and you have a really bad habit of finishing the whole bottle, then saying just to have only three drinks if it’s just you there is not going to work that easily for you.  You either need to buy the mini bottle or better still drink something else instead, for many people, it’s not just any drink that’s a problem to them it’s just certain ones. This being the case then you need to challenge yourself over this and maybe choose to only drink wine outside of the house and have a no bottle rule if you’re the only wine drinker. You might find as you start thinking in this way you may start feeling the resistance to change stirring within you. If you do then you know you’re on the right track and it’s not less drink you need it’s no wine or beer or whatever it may be.  Now add this to your first part of the goal and make it clearer, using this method your weaselling out your weak links to enhance positive change.

With your goals clear then today and not in the New Year is the best time to start, today you can start by working to change your mindset. Get yourself a writing pad and write down your clear goal, then repeat writing it 6 more times, you can even start to read it out loud as you write it, this will help enhance the process. Then every night before bed take those few minutes to write it down 7 times every night, bedtime is the best time as sleep time is when your mind does most of it reprogramming.  If it’s just before you sleep then your mind is drifting to sleep with your new goals, remember your mind is always listening and will start the process of change. Changing does take time but if you prep your mind in this way for 7 to 10 days then you will be enhancing the positive motivation to change. Also, with the New Year, it’s a good time to ride on the positive wave of change. Your mind is a true creature of habits and a dry sponge to the things going on around us, so make this time a year where you can tap into those good programs to help you enhance change.

Lots of people talk about News Year’s resolutions on the TV, internet and social media they will all be smothered with them. With your pre-New Year preparation then your mind is already riding on the waves of success, and all this around you will only help to enhance your motivation and strengthen your will power to change. Start today it won’t take you long, let’s all start next year on a high and allow the strength and motivation to change and shine bright. 

Thanks for dropping by Sara x

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