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Part 1

The power of belief is instrumental in our evolution as a species, how incredible is it that we have created such amazing things?  Take the Wright brothers, they spent years, prior to developing a motorised plane, studying gliders and designed their own bikes. They never gave up, they spent three continuous years working on hundreds of prototype designs, some failing and others succeeding.  As they learned from each prototype, they never were swayed from the fact that they would succeed.  The Wright brothers found they had the magic formula-on December 17, 1903 when they succeeded in flying the first free, controlled flight of a power-driven plane flying for 59 seconds, at 852 feet, an extraordinary achievement.

Even with this amazing achievement in 1906 sceptics in the European aviation community had converted the press to an anti-Wright brother’s stance calling them bluffers. They wrote slanders in the newspapers claiming they were liars. Against this, they continued to build and successfully created something amazing which has changed our world.  We can see many examples of this in our world today.  Without pioneers in all fields of life, striving to achieve what was deemed impossible- where would we be?  The belief, drive, motivation and dedication drove them to achieve these things is within all of us.

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If your aspiring to be the best versions of yourself then people like this are the ones to look up too

 The quote by Thomas Watson is iconic as making mistakes mean you are alive, thinking, trying and doing things, just say to yourself, “oops”, laugh and try again.

Double Your Failure Rate To Double Success.

Let’s take a look at how belief has been, and still could be life-threatening if we negatively believe in things.  Walter Cannon’s article Voodoo Death, proposes, that there may indeed be a physiological basis for this phenomenon. Cannon was perhaps among the first physiologists to apply his scientific background in order to explain, otherwise inexplicable, illnesses and phenomena that seemed to link emotions and disease. Science has transformed in the last 80 years with so many tools that enable us to understand how the body functions on an amazing level. Cannon based his research on observation, logic, and deduction, he did imagine that there could be a biological basis to the seemingly magical phenomenon of voodoo death.

I am sure we have all heard the term ‘scared to death’ belief is a powerful thing. We need to harness our belief to make positive change not just limit us into feeling paralysed in this life or by a habit which we feel controls us.  We’re lucky to not have witch doctors cursing us or aboriginals pointing bones at us and wishing us dead but WE DO HAVE adverts and social media influencing us on a daily basis. Are we living in a 21st century curse, where continuing to do the same things means we cannot break free? If so let wake up and change.

If you have already read, Have More Want More, then you’ll understand that fear is on deep unconscious level, which can be our negative driver. Making us feel that we can’t change and we are stuck. That fear just drives us deeper into those habits and continual failure. Instead of us viewing the failure to change as one step closer to success, we sometimes view it as a reinforced habit that we are stuck in.  We continue to lose the drive and strength, as it seems to just runs out of us like water.

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The question which now arises is whether an ominous and persistent state of fear triggered by our underlying negative belief systems is at the root of this.  Fear is one of the most deeply rooted and dominant of the emotions. Often, only with difficulty, can it be eradicated. Associated with it are profound physiological disturbances, widespread throughout our body and mind, causing these harmful and toxic habits.

Remember we’re not living in the past trapped with these beliefs if you’re unsure read Down The Rabbit Hole to understand this better. I know you can change.

Look out for the second part of the blog later this week.


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