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We have been looking over the last few weeks about making a change in your life and how to make the most of goal setting, plus how to fill the void that can be left behind when you give something up.  Many people make changes this time of year and harnessing the positive power is great but it’s not about doing this for now it’s about changing forever. If we can see ourselves in a new place then it is much easier for us to change, so now it’s time to use images to help you continue to make these positive changes. If for example you have chosen to stop smoking you will have set the goals to do this and hopefully have filled the void with a new and positive pastime instead. Now is the time to start seeing and believing your life forever as a non-smoker, firstly it important to look at why you have given up smoking. If it’s due to the cost then your best to add the money you would have spent to a jar where you can see it grow or a saving account that you can easily access and watch the balance go up. With the jar each time you look you will see the money growing, with the bank savings you need to check the balance once a week to get that same positive feedback. Then take the time to total up what you will have saved after 2 months, 6 months, 1-year etc, and decide then what this money is going to be used for. If you can find a picture of what you will be using the money for, that will help even more, as the images will reinforce the long term changes your making.  Take the time to continue to acknowledge the changes and start to see what your gaining is great for helping to embed those changes into your life.

Maybe you have stopped smoking for health reasons and your choosing to exercise to fill the void, if this is the case you could go and get the bleep exercise test done to look at your fitness levels and then you can test yourself in a few months and then a year to show the difference to your health you have made by stopping smoking. You can do the same with blood pressure, BMI test and lung capacity all will help you see the changes you are making because of your new life style. But whatever you have chosen to change, it is time to start seeing yourself living this new life, you can even create images or photo albums which will allow the new life your choosing to be seen more easily in your mind. Our mind is always busy updating things so having images will enhance the changes it is making on a deeper level. Our mind is amazing at doing this, say if your thinking about buying a new car, or you have got a new car or your partner has a new car, then you might start to notice you start seeing those types of cars more often. When you’re driving, they are parked on the road side, you pass them heading toward you or there sitting next to you in the traffic flow. You haven’t asked your mind to do this it, but because you have been looking at those types of car images or waiting for your partner to arrive in the new car then new habits are already forming. You know there are no more of these types of cars on the road then there was before you became interested in them, but it does look like there is, this is due to this habit that your mind has formed for you and it is now overlooking for them and your mind has enhanced the connection to them. 

This is the power of your mind just on its own making this, purely because you have started this interest in that type of car, but now it’s time to harness this power and put your own powerful messages into your mind. This will allow you to make changes easier and as they say seeing is believing, with the immensely powerful mind on your side the sky’s the limit.  The most powerful times when your mind is working hardest for you is when you are dreaming, this is when a lot of profound changes occur. You might say I don’t dream but this isn’t true you just don’t remember them we all dream about 2 hours a night, yes, it’s a staggering amount of time, brain scanning technology has been able to help us understand more about dreaming. The rapid eye movement state called REM is when dreaming occurs and it shows that women and men dream about different things at different levels and our dreams are all unique to ourselves. But for many of us we dream about lots of negative emotions and fears as well as more abstract dreams, as this is the time your mind is helping work things through from your daily life. Helping you come to terms with things and working to keep you mentally, emotionally and psychically in balance. We often say let’s sleep on it, you will feel better in the morning and often we do. This is because your mind is helping you work things through, it is also a very creative part of you can help you find those solutions you have been looking for.

Now is the time to harness this immense power of your mind by using the images of how you want life to be for you. Take time at bedtime to look at those images and think them through, really engage with the image and how it feels to live this way. Imagine your new life and how you love living this way, images and emotions are the two most powerful things in your dreaming mind. Now instead of your mind going in the direction you used to follow, you are changing the direction and starting the process of profound change, new beliefs and transformation with in you. Continue this process for the next few weeks it will make a massive difference.

Thanks for dropping by Sara x

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