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We talked last week about stopping and giving yourself a moment to just let go of the things that have been clouding your mind.  After you have stopped and looked at as much rational thinking as you can about the situation, now is the time to harness the inner power of your mind.  If our minds are full of worry and fear then we can’t often think that clearly as there just isn’t the space for it and our deep inner mind will be drawn into negativity and fear and not to the positive things we truly want to feel. What our minds will hunt out first and foremost is the fearful things not because that’s the most important but our inner mind will always be totally focused on protecting you and will feel that it’s their job to do this for you. If our fears and worries are irrational this makes no difference to our inner mind as our mind does realise this at all, if you keep worrying about it then your inner mind will too. What we need to do is to get to a place where our minds feel clear because when we are clear and calm in our minds we can think clearly.  Worries just cloud our judgement, stress our bodies and nervous system out and then trigger us to worry more about all those irrational thoughts.

Keeping our minds clear is the key, that is why using things like mediation and distraction techniques is a great way to help us stay in the moment.  Using the things, we talked about in the blog Stop is a great way to start this process to help clear our mind from all of those confusing and worrying things. Then it’s time to work to stay in the moment, when we are in the moment our mind is totally clear. Think of all the times you have been absorbed in something, in that moment you’re not thinking of anything else, time can pass quickly and we often feel calmer and happier in those moments. Now is the time to work on making as many of our moments as we can to be this way and enjoy how clear our minds will feel.  Sometimes our minds can get in our way, if we are trying too hard to have a clear calm mind, our minds can be awkward at times. It can be like when we shouldn’t be staring at something and we say in our heads don’t look, don’t look and all we want to do is look. This can a big problem for us and the more we try, the more we struggle to do this, just knowing this can often be the turning point to change.

This being the case then it’s time to find a new way to help us to achieve this, a good way to do this is to look at how YOU already do this. When are you in the moment? When do you get so absorbed in something you forget about yourself? What allows you to be present and just be living the moment? If there are hobbies or things you love to do, then you can utilise these to help you reset your mind out of the worries and back into that lovely, clear, calm mindset. Always remember that the quicker we reset ourselves, the easier it will be if we have spent hours in that negative space then it will always feel harder to change from the negative mindset. Every second we only get to have it once and once only, so why waste any of them, life is precious so commit to not waste any more of them. 

When we’re in a clear mindset we will feel calmer our nervous system will have switched off any extra red alert signals and responses, even your blood pressure can have reduced.  There have been many studies into this through mediation research and a similar mindset to this is what you can achieve by being totally absorbed in the moment. If we are not in the moment it’s not so much fun for us and the people we are with, this is because we are only half there, if that. This means that we miss things, we will seem distant, not hear things as clearly, not notice things as much, seem distracted and many more things. We have all been around someone at one time or another who has been like this and it’s not fun is it? Now it’s time to give the people we love our full attention. Also, it’s time to give the things we love our full attention, whether it be our pets, our hobbies or even just the things we are doing like walking or watching or listening to something. If we are walking and choose to be clear and in the moment, then the best ways to do this is to start looking around at what you can see, become aware of the smell of the fresh grass, listen to the sounds of the birds in all there many different songs. Then take the time to feel that connection with the world having your feet on the ground and the earth supporting you, also how you feel walking, moving and breathing on our beautiful planet.  Never forget there is so much more to experience in our world, we just have to take the time to be clear-minded and present, to have the great pleasure of taking it all in.

This same analogy can be transposed into any situation you’re in stop being the one-dimensional person in the conversation and become the 5D version of yourself. Just take the time to try this and you might be very surprised how much brighter, more connected, more engrossed and happier you feel in any given situation because of it. Remember to use all your senses, to see what’s around you, how the people with you are looking, to feel how what they are saying makes you feel and how they are feeling too, to sense the deeper aspects of the conversation, smell and even taste the experience. For many of us, we have dulled our senses with the clutter of worries, fears and insignificant thinking and now we live our lives in this limited experience because of it. And for what? We don’t know what’s coming, the futures not here yet, the past is over and all we have is the now. Choose today and every day to be clear in your mind and embrace being the 5D version of yourself.

Thanks for dropping by Sara x

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