Don’t Feed the Cat, A Mindfulness Approach by Kim Patel

This week a colleague who has been using the Don’t feed the Cat book in a Mindfulness approach is sharing her work with us today. Kim Patel MBACP (Accredited), MSc Clinical Counselling and a Breathworks Accredited Teacher. 

We are all feeling the pressures of this world pandemic and we need to work together for change and Kim who runs mediation groups is offering everyone some FREE sessions which is amazing for you all you join and try a new way of working with your mind for positive change.

The dates and times for the FREE zoom meditation sessions are below: Monday 1.30Pm to 2pm

  • July 6, July 27;
  • No meetings in August
  • September 14, 28,
  • October 5
  • November 2,
  • November 16,
  • November 30,
  • December 14,
  • December 21.

Tuesday 10.30am to 11am Monthly Meditation

  •         Jul 14, 2020 10:30
  •         No meeting August
  •         Sep 8, 2020 10:30
  •         Oct 13, 2020 10:30
  •         Nov 10, 2020 10:30
  •         Dec 8, 20 2010:30

The on-going  two-hour Wednesday monthly meditation group  continues on-line:  June 24; July 22; no meeting August; September 23; October 28; November 25 ; no meeting December (via zoom your first is free and thereafter £7).

Wednesday 7pm to 9pm Meditation Monthly

  •         Jul 22, 2020 19:00
  •         No meeting August
  •         Sep 23, 2020 19:00
  •         Oct 28, 20 2019:00
  •         Nov 25, 20 2019:00
  •         No meeting December

The two-hour monthly meditation group is brilliant and I know you will love it!, Kim again has kindly offered you the first session for free. Going forward the cost for the mediation and mindfulness session is only £7 for the two-hour sessions so it a very inexpensive way to support your mental health, learn more from Kim’s extensive knowledge and meet other people who are working to better their mental health and wellbeing.  Please email Kim and she will give you all the Zoom access codes for you to join as many of the sessions as you can. Kim is also happy for you to email her if you have any questions prior to all of these sessions her email details are kim@counsellinginwrexham.co.uk.

Add these dates now to your calendar with alerts that will remind you to join these FREE events. This is a great opportunity for you to try meditation with our expert Kim Patel

Kim worked as a nurse for many years throughout the UK in clinical areas such as Intensive Care, Theatres, Anaesthetics and Recovery and Acute and Chronic Pain Management.  While working in Pain Management Kim developed a chronic back pain which forced her to take time out of nursing.  During this time out Kim completed a basic and intermediate counselling course at a local college which was life changing for her.

Getting back into nursing again was great but it no longer “fitted” Kim like it used to.  So, Kim made the decision to re-train as a counsellor which she found challenging and extremely rewarding.  The nursing adds an extra dimension to what Kim can offer in her practice which can really benefits clients plus her personal experience of chronic pain.  Thankfully Kim is mostly pain-free now and passes on the evidence-based techniques and growing body of knowledge around pain physiology to individuals interested in managing their pain and improving their physical functioning. Kim’s varied life-experience is also a resource she draw upon in other areas of my counselling work

Kim has been running Ebb & Flow Counselling, Mindfulness and Meditation for many years now helping adults and children alike. Kim works with schools and other organisations and has successfully implemented a daily mindfulness innovative intervention in secondary schools. Kim has developed these two great power point presentations for you to use to aid and help you with anxiety. They have been made for two different children ages groups but are also a helpful and useful for adults. At this time, we are all struggling with anxiety and dealing with it is essential. With us starting to get our lives back and our children starting to go back to school we need to make sure all of our family are coping well and not letting our worries get feed by our bad habits.

I have added the separate power point presentations to the website so that these can be used in schools and at home with your children and family.  These are great to use together with your children to help grow a deeper understanding of how to deal with worries. You can find them all on my educational author website at www.sarastevens.co.uk. With so many people now owning a copy of Don’t Feed The Cat these are fantastic tools to enhance how we educate our children in understanding how they are feeling. It would be great if you can share these with everyone you know to help us work together to support our local families, communities and beyond. 

For further details you can find all the links below for Kim and also my website which has all the power point presentation which you can use and adapt for your children and as a teaching aid. 

Kim Patel – Ebb & Flow Counselling, Mindfulness and Meditation http://www.counsellinginwrexham.co.uk kim@counsellinginwrexham.co.uk

Sara J Stevens – Educational Author http://www.sarastevens.co.uk info@sarastevens.co.uk

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