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Life can be a challenge and these last few months for all of us have been something many of us has never ever seen or experienced in our life time. It’s times like this that can allow us massive personal growth if we choose to embrace the experience and learn through the adversity. For many of us wanting to experiencing change its time to see that we can learn the most in the hardest times in our lives, as these times can push us to transform. If we are struggling with things now is the time to face our fears and push through our apprehensions and choose transformation. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the fears, worries, uncertainties and apprehensions of life as they will only just hold us back. There is often one thing that is certain, at one time or another, we do have to face our fears and move through them so why not do it today, allowing you to then grow into a better version of yourself?

A good way to do this is to pick something that you have been putting off and do it today and then every day choose yourself a new aspect of this challenge to work on. I am sure for many of us the things we are putting off are the things that if we can face and do them will give us the most growth and personal development.  Pushing our boundaries is the key to growing as a person but it is also going to give us a calmer happier life to enjoy and live in. Denial of things is one of the 21st-century issues that limit us, in the past we didn’t have the luxury of denial as life and death living was for most people a normal way of life.  100 years ago, and beyond if we put off going out because we felt anxious then we would go hungry and die it was a simple as that. Now we have grown so much in our way of living in our society that at the click of a button we can have anything we could ever dream of delivered straight to our doors.  This is amazing for me, it buys me more time to get and do more, it buys me more time to push myself in other areas of my life, as the time spent doing the everyday stuff in our lives gets shorter and shorter. But if we choose the click of the button because we fear going out then we don’t enhance who we are we are just hiding behind this invisible barrier that we have placed around us. Denial will of be the key reason in keeping us there and the more we live in this space of denial the more difficult we find stepping out of this fear zone.

Let’s look at an example so we can then reflect and shine this back into the areas of our lives that need us to push through fear and denial and step into growth. For all of us, the pandemic has kept us stuck in our homes and for many of us getting back out there may seem a bit daunting, but we have to and we will at some point, so let’s make today the day we take the first steps to change. Don’t get me wrong rushing out in hoards to pack our national beauty spots is not the way to challenge ourselves, but if we are feeling nervous about getting out then small safe steps are the key to change. Here are a few ideas if you go out walking the dog or just walking, now is the time to explore new routes, go left instead of right what is over that hill or around that corner expand your horizons. If every day you choose to go in a new direction or that bit further you would be pushing your boundaries on lots of levels and simple steps like this will get expanding and growing.  After a month just imagine how many more areas around you will now be familiar to you and how many new things you will have seen, plus how much fitter you will be with that extra push of activity.  One simple choice to expand and change just one step at a time can produce so much personal growth in our lives.

Take a bit of time and look at one of the areas in your life that you have been limiting yourself with and make one new step forward every day. Pick to expand and not contract, choose growth instead of denial and fear, make yourself into that best version of yourself that you can. Do remember that we are truly blessed in living in our world particular for us in socially evolved societies because we do have such a large choice, we can express ourselves and be who we truly are more than ever before in the history of our planet. This is our present-day gift and we need to grab it with both hands. In years gone by people would have literally chopped their right hand off to have our lives and it’s time that we really start to appreciate what we have.  Of course, nothing is ever perfect and issues impact us, but don’t let them limit us, choose to allow them to challenge us and let us grow through the experiences.

With your chosen area to challenge yourself in make sure at the end of every day you either reflect on the new steps taken or write them down this will enhance us moving forward and also it will allow us to see just how far we have come.  Steady steps are the key and can then substantiate our changes and keep them as part of our lives forever, rushing out and rushing back in only creates more fear. Regular, consistent, steady is the best ways to approach long term change make this date in your diary as your day you picked to challenge yourself through adversity and transform. You will look back in a few weeks and see just how far you’ve come.

Thanks for dropping by Sara x

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