Don’t Feed the Cat- Children’s Book

This week, I would like to introduce you to my very first book. Don’t Feed the Cat, it’s a children’s book aimed at 7-12-year-olds who suffer with anxiety. I would love you to read it and send me your feedback-but also share with anyone you think could benefit.

To pre-order email: sara@hypnosara.blog

You may be familiar with my Don’t Feed the Cat series, it’s an analogy I have used for many years with adults and children alike and one that has really worked. So I wanted to take it further, starting with children. I have been working closely with the Bridge Project and have been seeing more and more young people experiencing anxiety.

There’s no age limit on anxiety, as we all know mental health doesn’t discriminate. Anxiety in children and young adults is unfortunately on the rise. The pressure of a fast-paced society, environmental concerns and the overwhelming and sometimes unrealistic expectations they face on a daily basis means children are forgetting to listen to themselves. But it isn’t all doom and gloom, mental health is now something that is in the forefront of our minds and schools are introducing more support into the curriculum.

Who is the book for?

As parents, seeing our children experience anxiety can be incredibly hard as we only want the best for them and for them to live their life to the full.

The book is for children who may experience various levels of anxiety, or children who are perhaps of a nervous disposition or a tendency to overthink things. It is for parents, guardians, teachers and healthcare professionals to use as an educational tool to empower children to conquer their own anxiety and take back control of their thoughts.

I think a good example here was a young boy around the age of 7, he was extremely frightened of water. When he first started he couldn’t even put his face anywhere near it. As he progressed in his swimming lessons he is having to take on more challenges. This has meant that with each new challenge, jumping in or lying on his back in the water led to a lot of tears and unnecessary worry. He was of course safe with the instructors who were patient and took their time with him. However, before his lesson we read Don’t Feed the Cat together. We used the example of swimming and that the more we worry, the more we feed the cat and the bigger it grows, until you can’t see anything but the big cat looming over you. He understood that it was just that and if he stopped feeding the worry, or the cat and thinking of something else, he could overcome it. That week, with some reminding and encouragement- he jumped into deeper water and is nearly ready for the second level.

Book Snippet

The book will be available to purchase on Amazon and I would love to get your thoughts.

If you would like to be first to review it, email me on sara@hypnosara.blog

Let’s tackle anxiety in children and make the next generation safe and secure within themselves- one book at a time!

Why don’t you remind yourself of the Cat Series this week and take another step forward to living anxiety free.

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