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We have looked at ways to stay in the present and now it’s time to make this a normal, natural way for you to live your life. Our minds live by habit and sends what it thinks we should be doing, if you have spent a lot of time not being present and living in the worry state then your mind will continue to send this habit until you set up a new one for it to use. This is not an instant thing through, it’s something that needs repetition to develop and time to let this establish.  If you have been walking the same path for years just imagine how that path would look in a physical way, after years it would be heavily indented and trodden down. This old path you would instantly see it clearly and with it being worn down it can be hard to get off of it too, as the edges of the path would be higher and the natural flow would drive you down the path. But it’s safe and it’s time to break out of the old pathway, for many of us there is no reason to stay on this path, only the fact that it feels a normal and were just conditioned to follow this path. Our mind forms habits in this way, each time we do something is another step on the path, the more times we do things the more the path forms. For many of us it is just the path that keeps us there, all those reasons why we started down this path are most likely so old and out of date there is no need to continue this way. Understanding it is just the fear of change that is getting in your way nothing more, now that you know this it will help you break from these old pathways and create new happier and healthier ones to follow.

This is often why people use hypnosis to help them change, concentrated work on your mind set will often pushing you onto a new track more easily and quickly. Because our minds are on basic terms, like computers it’s all about the inputting of new information to help you form a new pathway.  If we’re working to make changes to our lives and the habits we are living, then what we need to start to do is branch of from the old path onto a new track. Now as we said earlier the path is clear and often heavily defined if our habits are long standing, so the start of developing new habits are like breaking of a path into a grass field and starting to form a new pathway. The new track will feel uneven and not clear as its not formed yet and this is often why we fall back onto our old pathways and habits is that we feel unsure of where we going. Also, its new and most of us don’t like new things and our unconscious mind is often a bit adverse to new things, it’s just a safety precaution that our primeval mind has in place as it thinks it is helping to keep us safe and alive. This being the case then it’s important that you know that your new track that your forming will feel different and it’s not a bad thing it’s just the way it is when forming new habit pathways.

To make the track into a path it takes time, optimism, determination and lots of good reminders why you’re on this new path. Always remember every step you take is another positive groove on your new track and in a few weeks, it will be become much more familiar to you. If you think about your track branching of from your existing path, initially it’s very close to your old path but as it turns in the new direction you’re choosing to head in, then the old path will start moving out of sight. The best plan is to put everything into making your first few weeks on your new track as actively focused and involved in your new direction as possible. The more you focus on your new direction the more easily you will turn the track into a new path.

Making changes in the directions we take in life does take effort and it’s important to be doing this for you, not others and also not because you think you should either. If we’re half-hearted in anything we do then we will only over get a half-hearted outcome.  If we really want something then setting our minds to carve out a new track and then over time form a new path will work. Give yourself lots of reminders and supports to help, if you are focusing on being in the present instead of living in our heads try some of these things to help distract and focus you on the journey of change. Firstly take time to make a music playlist with all those strong motivational songs that uplift you, and then take time every day to find and add a new song to your list. It’s a good exercise in its own right in keeping you in the moment and the byproduct of the play list can be used to bring you back into the moment as well. Take time to research a good talking book or normal book, something that you can’t put down and you’re intrigued to find out what will happen next. Take the time to ask for help from family and friends and book lots of things to keep you distracted in your diary. Set regular alerts from your calendar to your phone that keep you motivated and positive, just a message to say stop and smile can be enough. Ask family and friends to send over messages too, that will also help you feel positive and happy plus all the other advice tips in the blog Present.

The track will peel away from your old path and will become stronger, more formed and familiar with every step you take. Your new habits are forming in this same way too. Of course, your mind will remind you of the old path, not that you have to follow it just that it thinks you have made a mistake by going of track. Don’t let your mind sway you from your new track and just bat those pesky thoughts away, your mind will forget about the old path just give it time.

Thanks for dropping by Sara x

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