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Last week we looked at how hope can help us make life-changing strides forward and enable us to be that best version of ourselves. Today we are going to look at the importance of having dreams and how for some of us we have lost that or for others we live in them too much. Life is all about balance and too much or too little of most things in our lives isn’t healthy for us. As children we live very much in the dream world, our parents read us these amazing stories and life seems to be this open window of choices ready for the picking. I am sure all you parents out there have seen your children dream of being doctors, footballers, movie stars, postmen and superheroes. Children believe in those lovely endless possibilities, they don’t have what if, or I can’t, or fear, or limiters, they feel that everything is possible. Of course, we all grow up and realise that this isn’t the case and that there are limiters to our lives and that we can’t always have what we have been dreaming of. But this doesn’t mean we need to give up dreaming completely we just have to be more rational in what we chose to dream about.


For some people though, this will mean that the whole dreaming concept is gone and it has been replaced with what if, the what-if concept is not limitless, it is totally limiting and breeds fear with every step we try to take. Living this way can be hard and often not much fun as our hopes, dreams and aspirations which are the things that often bring that drive and optimism into our lives. Of course, we can’t live totally in the dream world either, that is just as bad as we can waste time on things which aren’t achievable and often end up starting many things but never really reaching or achieving any of the dreams. This type of living, in this dream bubble, is one to avoid, as it won’t make us better people or help us make the best life possible for ourselves and our loved ones. What it will bring is denial and avoidance to the realities of life and it could also bring disappointments for the people in our lives who have a normal dreaming balance.

If this is you then it’s time to not stop dreaming all together but be more rational and more exclusive to your dreams, look for the ones which are closer to your grasp. Always remember this is not about not having big dreams, which I think are great as well, but it’s about putting steps in place to get to those bigger dreams. Having more rational and easier to reach steps is super important, as each step is another step closer to the bigger dream, momentum will then be on your side to as our mind will be seeing us as steady achievers, not hopeless dreamers.


I do believe we should all have at least a couple of dreams, one in our personal lives and one in our work lives, our personal dreams don’t have to be outrageously unachievable but something that will push us out of our comfort zone. The personal dream maybe be saving some money and with this growing, then you can look at planning for that trip you have always wanted to go on, or the new kitchen you want. If our goal is money-based, then this dream has to come first, as without this how can we make this happen. If we forgo the coffee, we buy every day and say its £2.50 a day that’s £900 a year we would save. The small changes can over time make a big difference in our lives. Or maybe we do one hour of overtime a week and just put that money away, or we find all the things we don’t use or want any more and sell them on Facebook, eBay or even do a car boot. It’s easier to say it’s not possible, but take the time and just look at things and there may be a way, over time, your pot of money could grow so you can achieve the dream.

If your dream is not money based then what we often need to save is time, if we want to get fit, run a marathon, learn Spanish, retrain or take up a new hobby then all of these will mean we need time to make this happen. Just like the saving example, if you get up 10 mins earlier every day that’s over 60 hours in a year you can dedicate to your Spanish lessons or your fitness plan or to food prep, so you can eat super to help achieve your fitness goals. It does take much, little and often is the key. This will enable you to form new habits and will also give you the momentum to push you to achieve to a higher level as your mindset will be on your side.


If you don’t have any dreams in your life then that spark we get from achieving things could be the thing our lives are missing and then you may you will be filling your life with something that you don’t want, to compensate for this. Don’t pick anything too hard to start with as it is important to be able to have things in our grasp, but if they are in the same direction of a bigger goal then that is perfect.  Every night before you go to sleep just spend 5 mins imagining you have achieved your dream, feel what it’s like, make it vivid and clear in your mind and thoughts. This will help your mind, help you in achieving your goals, as seeing is believing and true belief is the key to unlock your dreams and making them into reality.

Take the time today to start to bring your dreams into reality and every day is another step forward in this process.

Thanks for dropping by Sara x

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