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Today I would like to share a client’s journey, as he is an inspiration to us all and how we should all strive for positive change even if the journey ahead will be hard. This blog I dedicate to Declan and for his true strength and courage, he had to choose to not only change but transform his and his family’s life. The path to change, which can be just there in front of us, can be blocked with fear and without the hope and desire to change we may just keep passing it by. Life can push us to some of the darkest places where there seems there is no light at all in that darkness, sometimes we can’t even seem to find that glimmer of hope and light we need to start the healing process of change.


When Declan first came to see me, he had already spiralled into this dark place and he knew what he needed to do, but felt unable to do it, he felt he hadn’t got the inner strength to do this on his own. This is why I love hypnotherapy and the work I do, helping people to harness the power of their own minds, and make transformational changes in their lives is just amazing. I am truly blessed and honoured to have been allowed to help Declan on his journey of change and like all my clients I will hold his journey in my memories forever.  Let not just hear it in my words, hear is what Declan has to say about his journey.

So, I’d like to start this off by saying how much my life has transformed over the time I’ve been seeing Sara. From a young man I’ve always been on the wrong side of the law whether it be taking drugs, selling drugs or owning illegal dogs. I have had times growing up when I felt cocaine became too much for me, causing depression and breakdowns so I would stop for a while but always return back to it.

In 2014 I got sentenced to jail for 2 years, my ill father died whilst I was there. I got to attend his funeral but was never able to grieve properly. When I came home, I felt alone, he was a massive part of my life and he was gone. I took to using cocaine and alcohol more regularly approximately every other day in fact, until I was an emotional wreck. I couldn’t break this cycle alone and I knew it. I found Sara by pure chance and she understood me and I knew instantly this was the help I needed. She’s helped me experience journeys you simply couldn’t dream of. I now understand myself in ways I didn’t think possible, she has also left me with the knowledge of understanding others so I can now help loved ones in all sorts of life’s challenges too. Sara hasn’t just helped with my drug misuse, but my family life and business are now thriving because she’s helped me become a much better version of myself. I’ve been clean for a year now and I am proud of myself and so are my family. Life’s path will still be hard at times but I now have the credentials to cope and see things differently. If you feel like you need help ask for it because it’s the best decision I’ve made to date, you don’t need to do this alone…



As I said using the power of your mind is an amazing tool but we have to want to change, the fear of staying this way for Declan was stronger than the fear of facing his emotional traumas. This was the perfect time for Declan to change, there may have been other times in his life where he could have done this too but without finding the right path to recovery then it might not have worked. It’s timing, desire, support and resources that I feel makes the right combination to help us change and transform our lives. For those of you that have got to this point or the people, you know that you feel we have hit rock bottom then Declan’s story shows how we can change. I know it is Declan who has changed and transformed his life, but the ripple effect of this is like throwing a big stone in the middle of a massive pond. The effects of his change are still rippling out and I would even say they have not even reached the first few ripples. Declan’s children and the generations that follow them will still be feeling this ripple effect of positive change travelling through their lives. The other people who were living this same life as Declan was will, even if they don’t admit see the change and gain hope of their own transformation one day. The people who might have come into harm’s way due to the life Declan was living have all been freed from this path, and the effects this could have had on their families and the generations to come as well. This ripple effect is massive and all from the desire and determination of one young man to choose change, to strive hard to achieve this, with the strength to face his worst fears and emotions. Admitting we have an issue and choosing to ask for help is not a show of weakness it’s a show of immense strength and courage. The need to change will often come to all of us, as we can’t go on living our lives in this way.  The only thing we can truly change is how long we wait to come to this conclusion and how long we choose to live in denial over our issues.

Let me just say I couldn’t be prouder of Declan and the work he has done to transform his life and I know his dad is looking down on him with immense happiness and pride.

Declan is an inspiration for others and I would like you to share his story, this could be the hope that someone you know needs.


Thanks for dropping by Sara x












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