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Lasts weeks blog What is True Perspective was about understanding how differently we all see the world through our own unique perspective and experiences. So how will this be impacting our anxiety and confidence issues and in fact many other areas of our life?  If we are negatively focused on something, maybe we have become a bit obsessed with something or maybe we are pretending things aren’t there. All of these can affect our lives and stop us from making the changes we would like, living the way we would want to and enjoying our lives to their full potential.



Stop clouding your view of your world and choose to see clearly today

Let’s look at someone who has health anxiety and they fear they have an undiagnosed heart issues, every second of everyday they are living in this distorted reality.  They are constantly on red alert to their heart and everything they do connects them to this. You’ll remember from What is True Perspective this makes you blow things out of proportion.  They could notice that their heart beat had increased, most likely there is quite an innocent reason for this, but they worry that their heart beat has increased and because of the worry it increases even more. This cycle of distorted focus and can quickly spiral out of control and before they know it, they think it’s a heart attack.

Becoming over focused on something physically makes us hypertensive to how we are feeling and causes abnormal levels of anxiety and tension. For the health anxiety sufferers they can then feel these increased levels of anxiety and tension as signal that they are have a heart issue or worst still they are having a heart attack. Just remember the car scenario and how much more we saw of that certain type of car and how that totally distorted our perception about cars making it look different to what it truly is.  This is what’s happening when you have a fear of having a heart condition, YOU’RE the one who believes the signals are real instead of realising they have been distorted. Of course, the physical symptoms are real -just like all those certain types of cars on the road and you’re not making that up, but it’s out of context just like the cars.


flower heart.jpgOver focus is not a real, it’s a distortion of the facts, accept this and change

Once we have accepted that it’s distorted and not real then we can change from this spiralling circle of anxiety. Of course, I am not suggesting that if you have never experienced heart pain and tension before, to pretend that it is just a distorted reality or if you have had it for many years to continue to disregard it.  These issues are of course serious and medical advice is totally necessary, and your GP and emergency services are the best people to help and support you with this.

If this has happened and you have sought advice, maybe even been rushed to hospital, had the angiogram, the heart echo tests and all the amazing things they can do to see if our heart is working properly and the tests are all clear.  For some people, they breathe a sigh of relief and start getting back to normal, but for other people the whole experience has been quite traumatising aggravating this distorted perception. They may continue seeking medical advice until all the tests and experts have exhausted every possible thing until the consultant finally concludes it anxiety.


uros-jovicic-322314-unsplash.jpgIf it’s not real then stop thinking it is …. Thinking its real is now the problem … accept this and start the process of change

 The experts have given you the physical all clear and you are still feeling these symptoms and living with this distorted reality then now is the time to refocus and change. Let’s revisit Don’t Feed The Cat if you haven’t read it please do. Essentially you’re feeding the habit and continuing to cause the physical feelings of anxiety and tension.

Daisy's and tea.jpgStop feeding it, it will only make it seem bigger than what it is distract yourself

Let’s look at the car scenario again, are you stuck seeing the first car you ever wanted to buy and this hasn’t changed in decades? No, you moved on, had new thoughts about having another car and became focused on that. At some point you may have bought a larger car for a growing family and you begin seeing the same make and model and more than likely more young children than before as well! Over time, you can see how your mind adapts to what you focus on and your perception of things naturally change. Back to the health anxiety, if you have become obsessed with these irrational perceptions of how your heart feels, then each situation feeds the other.

Like all of the blogs, these scenarios can be applied to many different situations. Now that you have read this just stop for a moment and think…


Boat and mountains.jpgIt’s not real … You’re ok … None of us knows what the future will bring… Live for today


That’s right look around you and change your perspective STOP looking for all the things you fear and the things which aren’t right and START looking for all the good things you have in your life. Just like the car scenario in seeing so many of that type of car you were focusing on you missed out on so many others, what are you missing in your life? The people that love and care for you who feel helpless, with you stuck in this negative perspective you hardly see them anymore as your too busy living in your head. There is an amazing world around us, your family, friends, pets, work colleague’s the list is endless.   What are the good things in your life and the things you can experience, again how many of those aren’t you doing because your living in your head fuelling this worry cycle? Change, do something new get outside go for a walk, watch a funny film, chat to a friend, cook dinner for your partner, read a good book, go on holiday, again the list is endless. But there’s one thing I do know


This second just here, right now you will NEVER have again, it’s such a waste to live in your head and miss it with this distorted perception.


motivateStart doing new things, live outside of your head and in the moment, today is the first day of your new life.


Next week I am going to pull this all together for you helping you to keep focusing on changing and becoming anxiety free.


If you know some like this maybe it’s their heart, but maybe it’s something else they are over focused on please share this blog as living this way, in constant fear is horrible.


Thanks for dropping by Sara x


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2 thoughts on “Find Your New Perspective”

  1. Excellent, amazing, a good lesson in living now with our friends and family, not spending the Easter break with others but still somewhere else in your head, every second counts, another good analogy with the heart condition, thank you.


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