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LISTEN TO ME WATCH ME After I had trained fully to be a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I then continued in my professional development and started doing regular masterclasses to explore different approaches that worked with or alongside hypnotherapy. When I did a course in EMDR it was one of those amazing moments when you just know… Continue reading EMDR

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LISTEN TO ME WATCH ME When life is making us anxious or things are challenging this can impact us in many different ways. This melting pot of different feelings is unique for all of us and often how we are thinking and responding to things is at the bottom of us feeling the way we… Continue reading Blue

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LISTEN TO ME WATCH ME We can all get anxious from time to time and this is quite normal for all of us. But if we are letting this anxiety and worry overtake us, it could then cause us lots of issues on a day-to-day basis. With anxiety, this can either come in an instant,… Continue reading Anxious

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listen to me watch me In the last blog Solar, we had been looking at our mind and how it stores and holds onto things. We know that our minds are vast and much of it is unexplored, just like the solar system we live in today. On a conscious level we can often, over… Continue reading Orbit

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listen to me watch me Our minds are the most profound and powerful thing we will ever have in our lives, we might not think that, but it is true. It's easy to look around our world and marvel at the technological advances we see around us and feel even awestruck by what we can… Continue reading Seed