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LISTEN TO ME WATCH ME The way our minds work with worries and fears, is like a melting pot of many different colours that blend into our unique habit of worrying. We all add our own different colours and amounts, making it a bespoke formula, but the basis of all of it is, the pot… Continue reading Melt

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listen to me watch me Last week we were looking at ways to help you switch off from work and allow your mind to relax better and in turn, help you get a better night's sleep. It is important that we support our minds, or they can easily get overwhelmed with things, the more we… Continue reading Order

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LISTEN TO ME WATCH ME I am sure we have all done this at times, it can seem just an easy thing to do and, in some ways, it might feel that in the beginning like it helps. But floating down the river of “De-Nile” isn't the answer to things, it can over time, make… Continue reading De-Nile