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Setting goals is a great way to help us move our lives forward, also it is great for us to be the best version of ourselves as well. I think life can really fly by, days become weeks and weeks become months and years. This is fine as long as we don’t end up with regrets and we find we are looking back on our lives wishing we could have done more. We do live in a fast-paced life, and this can mean we feel that there isn’t enough time to do anything extra. But sometimes there is a bit of room that can make all the difference to you over the long term, but small enough to fit this time into your life. I live a busy life but have decided to learn Spanish, the second time around. I have committed to 15 minutes a day which you might think isn’t enough at all but over time it is much more than what you think, it works out to be 1,368 hours a year now, which sounds like lots. When I think about my same daily time commitment, I now look at it in the bigger picture and think that amount of time will make a difference. If I don’t think of the daily picture, I might start thinking, “What is the point? It won’t change anything to not do it”, and before you know it, I’m out of the habit and my goals are left behind.

One of the biggest issues with goals, is that we need to be mindful of how and what we set, as this is the key to whether we will achieve our goals or bail on them. If we set our goals too big then we can easily struggle to maintain them.  If I had decided to do 30 minutes a day, then I think this would have been too much for me to commit to every day and I would have sabotaged my goal.  The other option is to set it too small; if we set them too small, we won’t see the difference. But don’t get hung up on what seems like a small daily commitment, as small and steady can often win the race. I would say as a person I can be a bit all or nothing, which is great when I am in the “all” phase of this, but then it’s not great when I have bailed. But if I look at this steady way of making change and achieving goals, I think we will have better results. This could be any type of goal; you might think 15 minutes a day wouldn’t help you become fitter but if you did those 15 minutes in just one area of your body then yes you will make great changes.

What you could do is focus on exercising your stomach and just spend those 15 minutes every day exercising that area of your body. After 8 days you have done two hours of stomach exercise and this is a great amount. After a month you will be seeing the difference in your figure and health by just making this small commitment.  How about choosing to make a 15-minute goal in your life, and set a goal that you can achieve but will make a difference to you?

You could learn a language, pick an area of your body to exercise – from your stomach, arms or legs or even choose a high-intensity workout to support your heart and lungs. You could learn to be better at maths, learn to spell better, tidy your home, or even detox your home.  Or maybe you could spend 15 minutes doing your garden, painting, making new things for your home, or just giving yourself 15 minutes a day to relax. The list of changes is endless and the final key thing to remember when setting the goal is that you do it for you, not for other people. If we don’t do what we are striving to do, it is so much harder to achieve these goals as they are not your goals, they are other peoples’, or just a pipe dream – something you don’t want to achieve in your life.

Make every second count and start your new 15-minute goal today, give it time as you are only committing to 15 minutes a day. But after a month there will be a difference. Over the first week, work out the time of day that works best for you and seems easier and has fewer roadblocks from your life or your motivation. Then work on forming the habit of having those 15 minutes a day at the best times for you. Life is short, so start today. Sara.

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