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More Joy

The last blog was looking at ways to help your mind to be in a place that allows more joy into your life. If we don’t have a firm foundation to build things on, then whatever we try and build on top of this could just crumble away without that solid foundational support to hold it up. This is just the same when we choose to form new habits and ways of living in our lives, we have to create a safe and solid place for us to develop and hold these new habits on. Many people rush off to make changes and neglect to look at how they can maintain these in their lives and also what things are not right. This will just sabotage your ability to make these new and lasting changes in your life. The last blog helped you look at the fundamental things we all need, to live a more joyful life, and now with that firm foundation in place, we can look at ways to enhance joy in your life.

We live in a very technology-based world and sometimes we can get lost in it and not look elsewhere to find more joy and happiness in our lives. So maybe it is time to find those ways that help you feel happier and make those plans in your life to smile from the inside. With your new solid foundations in place, we now need to explore what makes us feel happy and what can make us smile and have those feelings of joy in our lives. We are all unique so it is important to find the things that work for you. For many of us, we don’t know what this is so we have to go in search of the things that will do this for us. It’s time to start to explore the world with new eyes and try things to see if they add to your life. I think it’s great to add in more times when we can have a laugh and smile more, even just watching more funny films or telling people jokes would help.

You might already have things you love doing, so maybe you can add to these and look at doing extra things that can bring more pleasure and joy into your life. If, say, you like to go out walking, then maybe it could be that you choose to find new and more beautiful places to go and walk in.  Or maybe it is about joining a walking group and meeting new people while doing the things that make you happy. Or maybe it is about finding a way to walk with more of your family and friends so you can chat and enjoy the walks more. Or maybe you try and push yourself more to walking capabilities to enable you to walk more often. These are just ideas, but you can look at the hobbies that you enjoy and look at how to increase or enhance these to bring more joy into your life.

Another way to help find those things that bring more joy into your life is to try new things. I am often surprised that there are still things that I have never done before that actually bring me lots of joy. I think if we don’t try then we will just never know if it will be something we love to do. Maybe with your partner, a friend or a family member, you look at trying new things and seeing how they go. Each of you could take it in turns to pick something and maybe once a month or every couple of months you head off to try your new pursuit. Even if it is only that you laugh all the way home thinking just how that’s not for you, it still will have been worth it. Don’t think we are going to hit a home run every time we try something new because we won’t. So don’t be disappointed if you don’t, that’s ok, but every so often you will try something and just love it.

We have to feel so blessed that we get the chance to live our lives in this way and enjoy things in life, like we have not always had the chance to in the past. This being the case we just can’t squander this time; we have to embrace it and make our lives as full as we can. If we just coast along we just won’t be able to embrace as full a life as we could.

Finally, I think having more joy in our lives can also come with not taking ourselves too seriously and embracing our ups and downs in life with a smile. We can’t change what is happening, we can only change how we feel about what’s happening. Make today and the rest of your life one filled with more joy and take the time to bring this into your life with true motivational purposeful actions. Sara

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