I must say I am one of those people who likes to laugh; if you have been a client of mine, you might have noticed this. If you are a family or friend, you will know this about me. I often like to make a joke or just make fun of myself or the situation I might be in, as I think laughter is one of the most precious gifts we are given in life.

Life is short and it is only you that can make it longer, fuller and happier. We can live our lives in a one-dimensional way, or we can change that. We only have so many moments in our lives and if we don’t live them to the full then we are wasting those precious moments. Maybe it is time to change this and choose to expand your life with laughter and joy. A good plan is to work on finding things that bring you joy and make you laugh, as we are all different, so finding what makes you laugh is the key. Then it’s about filling your life and your family and friends’ lives with as many of these fun-filled times as you can. Laughing lots is like winning the lottery, it’s the food our soul needs to feel alive and lots of it can make us feel immensely wealthy, not in money, but in life and happiness. If we look at wealth then it’s important to look for joy, laughter and happiness, as money doesn’t make us happy, it can buy us experiences but it won’t make us happy. We live in this world where money and wealth are at the forefront of many people’s lives and can stop us from searching for those things that make our souls wealthy.

Laughter is one of those precious commodities, a bit like gold or buried treasure, often not enough to go around and limited to just certain people. But one of the most amazing things about laughter is it doesn’t have to be limited in our lives, we can make it and in fact, we can make as much as we want. What an amazing gift it is, to have found ways to have a life full of laughter. If we take life or ourselves too seriously then laughter might be in short supply, but if we change how we live our lives then laughter can flow more easily into them. Like anything we want to have more of in our lives, we have to work at making this happen. It is best to put plans into action and make these plans progressive so that we can keep adding to our inner joy levels. Time passes quickly, so if you haven’t put these things in your diary or haven’t made plans then you will have only limited times of laughter and joy in your life. If you start to weave these times into your life then over time you can build a life full of laughter and joy.

How about testing it out for yourself to see how much happier and fulfilled you feel when you have had a fun night full of laughter. The pleasure of laughter is that it isn’t just in that moment, it is remembered and stored inside of you. Maybe it’s days, months, even years after the event, that you recall those moments of joy and laughter, reliving them all over again. You might live these moments hundreds of times in your lifetime and that one good moment you have can bring you hours of pleasure and laughter. How amazing can life be if you have just one memory full of laughter, but what about if you have hundreds or even thousands of them? All that joy and laughter stored inside of you to access at any time you choose to relive it.  It is like finding buried treasure, and those memories are you finding that buried treasure, those priceless moments that you store within you forever.

Look at laughter in this way; the hunt for those gems that you carry forever and dig up whenever you want to, like your own stock of buried treasure. Maybe if this is how you can think about making these moments in your life, then it might be a way to help you gain that motivation to strive to make more of them.

Don’t let another moment pass you by, make more moments of joy and laughter to live and love. Then keep them inside forever, to dig up and relive them, whenever you choose. Sara.

2 thoughts on “Laugh”

  1. We all tend to take ourselves too seriously and worry too much, which in turn diminishes the lighter side of our personalities, I will certainly aim to bring more laughter into my life, thanks Sue I really connected with this Laughter blog

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