Life Coaching

I think at times we all have those thoughts about what direction we should take in situations, and we can feel overwhelmed by those more challenging situations, struggling to find a way through things. Life coaching can help you pick things apart and help you properly identify which way forward to go and give you more focus on how to make those life changes that you have wanted to make.

First, let’s understand what a life coach is; a life coach is someone who counsels and encourages clients through personal or career challenges. A life coach helps guide clients to reach their ultimate goals, helping individuals in different areas of their life. But because each human being is different, so will be their goals. It can be effective in both personal and professional life, with your career, personal development, relationships, divorce, grief, and even financial wellness. 

It’s important to understand, the role life coaches play is not about giving you the answers, it is about helping you to find that clarity you need to make better choices, and helping people find their purpose, meaning, and passions in life. Life coaches serve as guides to help you through various aspects of your life, with the coaching focusing on helping you to achieve your goals, make behavioural changes, shift perspectives, and overall self-improvement.  

Lots of studies show the benefits of life coaching and many people reported that they found an improvement in their confidence after having life coaching. Coaching can help you build your self-awareness muscle and ultimately, gain more confidence in knowing who you are. Improving relationships and communication skills is a great effect that can also be seen after having some coaching sessions. Better clarity and purpose will help you in all areas of your life, enabling you to move from being stuck in a situation, and get that passion back in your life. When we are in a better mental place in ourselves and our lives, a positive by-product of this is that we can feel more relaxed and find that we are more resilient to things that come our way in life. Lastly, coaching is meant to help you have greater purpose, clarity, and passion in both your personal and professional lives. You and your coach should be able to set goals, work on your plan for achieving them, and celebrate your wins together. 

With some of my clients, I like to use a Life Coaching approach in their sessions as I can help them to start to find a way out of the situation. I would coach my clients by getting them to look at the issue/situation from all the different ways and angles that this can go or be dealt with. As you look at the different ways to navigate an issue, you often find that you can rule out at least half of the options as they are not right for you or the situation. This then not only helps remove the unhelpful ideas you might have been mulling over, in trying to move forward or resolve an issue, but also what it does, is get you into the process of moving forward. If we are stuck in an issue then it can be just the fact that we feel stuck or have been stuck for a while that is the only reason now, we are not moving forward with things. Often when things are challenging, we can get stuck, but life and the situation often move on, but we are still stuck in the past with this and have not rethought things from this new perspective in the now.

I often find that fear is at the root of our inability to move forward, so combining this new understanding with some of the other therapies I practice, like Hypnotherapy and EMDR, can help you remove the fear more quickly. Also, if we look at it from the other perspective, if you are having Hypnotherapy to change your life and you are not sure where you want to go, then Hypnotherapy alone might not be your answer, because your mind won’t want to move you into changing if it doesn’t know where you’re moving to. This is because your mind will always want to keep you safe and the unknown for our minds is not a safe place at all.

I think life is very complicated and it is quite easy to get stuck and then struggle to move forward. If you need support, I offer a free consultation whereby we can chat through things in more detail, and I can give you an idea of what might be the best route to help you. Or why not try being your own life coach, if you are feeling stuck there are lots of books you can buy that can help you. I think a book on coaching is like choosing a therapist, so I haven’t recommended any for you, it is good to find one that resonates with you.

Always remember we can change, grow, evolve, and find our passion in life again, just not if you don’t do anything at all to make this happen. So, find what will help you and start the journey of change today. Sara

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