“I will be okay”

Help your child to overcome their fears and anxieties using my latest book – Dealing With Anxiety (The Kid’s Guide).

This books helps children and teenagers to understand what anxiety is, how their minds work, and learn ways to help change the way they feel.

It looks at the way anxiety affects people in many different ways, and the feelings that you might get alongside the anxiety.

Dealing With Anxiety is designed to help children and teens face their fears by asking for help and getting support.

It covers topics such as flight, fight or freeze, avoidance, cycle breaking, distraction techniques, positive mindset, planning, and confidence building; to help to create a number of invaluable coping mechanisms during times of anxiousness.

You can get your copy of ‘Dealing With Anxiety – The Kid’s Guide’ on Amazon, from just £7.99.

If you feel your child or teenager requires further support to help them deal with anxiety or any other mental health struggle, then please do get in touch. I am a child anxiety specialist, with a Degree and Masters in Psychology, and over 50,000 hours of clinical experience. I work in schools and childcare settings, teaching teachers how to understand and deal with anxiety in the classroom.

I offer a number of intensive treatments for Children, Adolescents, with or without parents/carers.

Treatments are available in person at my Leicestershire based clinic, or online via zoom.

The introduction of children zoom appointments allows me to work virtually with anyone around the world and enables me to help any number of children and adolescents that could benefit from my services.

Available treatments:

– Hypnotherapy



– Life Coaching

– Counselling

– Combination of treatments.

What we cover:

– Strategies to deal with anxiety and/or phobias

– Coping mechanisms 

– Treatment plans

– Desensitisation of fears

 – Deal with trauma

– Confidence building

– Manage and treat any other specific mental health issue

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