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Dealing With Anxiety – The Kids’ Guide

The latest book by Sara Stevens, is a sensitively written guide which will help children to understand more about what anxiety is and good ways to deal with it.

Anxiety is when you feel nervous, worried or afraid about a situation or about something happening, such as when it is dark or feeling sick. Sometimes you might feel anxiety most of the time, from when you wake until you go to bed.

Anxiety can make you feel nervous about doing things and stop you wanting to take part in things. You can feel tired, struggle with sleep, fear the future or worry about school and exams.

We all get anxious from time to time and this is quite normal. But if these feelings have started to affect how you live, it’s time to find some help. This book will help you understand what anxiety is, how your mind works and learn ways to help change how you feel.

This book covers topics such as: what is anxiety, how your mind works, positive mindsets, how does it make you feel, feeling scared, feeding the worries, calming comforts, avoidance and denial, how and when to ask for help.

Inside you can expect to find; breathing exercises, distraction methods, journal prompts, confidence builders, amongst many more tried and tested techniques for dealing with anxiety.

Aimed at 9 years upwards, you can get your copy from just £7.99 on Amazon here.

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