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For many of us we have many chapters in our lives and finding our way to move through these will help us make the most of our lives and give us more time in the now.  It is often very hard to work things through, come to terms with things and take those first steps into a new chapter in our lives. This time of year is the perfect time to give us the boost we need to help us move into that next chapter. The history of new beginnings in January is so great for our minds as it can give us historical motivational support for our minds. Also, it can give us a stronger belief that we can take those steps into the next chapter, and it can give us extra motivation to help us with these changes. 

Letting go and moving on, can be one of the hardest things for us to achieve. We can get stuck in our emotions and then they just go around on repeat within us. These emotions can be wide-ranging and include sadness, fear, loss, jealousy, anger, guilt, and terror, plus all levels of trauma can hold us back.  If we just get stuck in the emotional state then over time we can form habits of thinking, feeling and behaving in this way. This can then make it harder for us to let go as our unconscious mind is pushing us to continue in these patterns of behaviour. Not because we have to stay this way, but more because we have now moved into a bad habit of behaving in this way. So why not take this once-a-year opportunity to help you let go and move on to a new chapter in your life?

“New Year, New You”, can be used as your motto to help you change, you can have it as a screen saver and pop it on your bathroom mirror or in your car so you can keep reminding yourself of the changes you are choosing to make. Remember to not keep focusing on the past and instead you can focus on the new chapter in your life. It’s great to have things to focus on, as this will not only help you start to live in the new chapter of your life, but it will help your mind to be distracted from those old habits of living that way. We all need to accept that we can’t change the past, it will always be what it is, but we can change how we feel about the past. Also, we can leave the past behind as we can move on to new things in our lives.

Time is the most precious thing in our lives, let’s start to make the most of it by choosing to live in the now and start to embrace the new chapter in our life. Make a list of how you will be living when you are fully in this new chapter in your life. With the list you have made, you can then make lots of plans to be doing these things. It might initially feel difficult and even unnatural as you have spent lots of time living with those situations and emotions that you have been unable to move on from. But time is all we need to have us move on from the past and be feeling much more comfortable living in the now. Never expect to change in a day or two, or even a week or two; for our unconscious mind to form new habits it takes at least a month. But we can’t stop there, we have to keep going with the new habits to enable our unconscious minds to fully form these new habits. Our mind takes time to get into automating those new habits and that is the key to long-term change. Just like learning to walk, or drive a car, at first, it is hard and then after time, we start to feel that these habits become more natural. The best habits then become like second nature to us and then we don’t even need to think about them, they are just natural to us. Just like walking, once we have learned how to walk, we then don’t think about lifting our feet, or moving, or bending. All those processes have become automated by your unconscious mind. This is the same for driving, how many times have we just found ourselves driving and not having to think about changing gears, indicating, or looking in the mirrors, it has become an automated habit.

With your mind on your side as we move into this new year, make 2023 the year that you leave the past behind, finding and stepping into that new chapter in your life. Every moment is precious, today is the first day of the year that you can be more present, be more in the moment and start living your best life. Sara.

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