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The Personal Therapist in your pocket

The MindHealth App

The MindHealth App has been carefully and thoughtfully, created, designed and developed by Sara Stevens, and successfully launched for download in 2021 on Apple and Android devices.

The MindHealth App has been designed to act as your ‘personal therapist in your pocket’ and provides a vast number of tools and therapies to help you with your mental health and well-being. The app is a one-of-a-kind, mobile destination, which allows you to tailor the content according to your individual needs, and therefore provides a bespoke experience for each user, based on their personal well-being requirements.

On the MindHealth App, you have access to the following features, which were created by Sara and contain hundreds of therapeutic, life-changing content and resources:

There are hundreds of Sara’s weekly blogs that you can read or listen to in podcast format. Designed to help you deal with anxiety, motivate yourself, understand how your mind works and much more. Use the search bar to search for the category that you need, and save your favourites to your personal library.

Your personal library is where you can store all of your favourite blog posts and podcast sessions, as well as any of the hypnosis, meditation and relaxation sessions that you love, for you to refer back to at any time you need.

The hypnosis sessions are here to help you make life changes. Your unconscious mind is 90% of your mind capacity, so getting this big part of your mind on the same page as your conscious mind, will help you change and transform.

There are lots of different types of therapy, from Reiki, EMDR, NLP and lots more. The therapy sessions can be used for your unique issues. You can work to make the changes you need in life, to be the best version of yourself.

Sometimes we just need a bit of a boost to help us stay positively focused. These quotes can be set to be received 1-3 times a day and may just be the motivation you need to reach your goals.

These sessions are here to help you switch off after a busy day, and over time they teach your mind better ways of dealing with life. There are many different sessions to use for different issues, with different lengths to fit in around your life.

These sessions are here to help you find inner peace and to reset yourself after a busy day. There are many different meditations to use, at different lengths, to cover a range of issues.

There are books and free worksheets for children to learn how to deal with anxiety, negative thoughts and insecure feelings. Developing the understanding they need to let go of anxiety and worries, growing into a confident, sure, young person.

Sometimes people need more of a bespoke way to help them make changes, and that’s exactly what the one to one sessions provide.

Designed to help you make changes quickly and easily, via private hypnosis sessions with Sara.

If you’re looking to transform your life or business, using a range of tried and tested techniques, then Sara offers private, one-to-one, elite coaching sessions for individuals and businesses over the course of 6 weeks. Sara is a qualified life coach and has all of the skills required to help you make a change!

The MindHealth App is available for download on all Apple and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play Store.

Click on either button below to download now and be sure to share with friends, family and colleagues – people of all ages from all walks of life can benefit from this personal therapist in your pocket!

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