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Every moment in life is gone by the next moment. How about taking a few days to just embrace as many of those moments as you can? It is a challenge to catch the moment and be present to fully enjoy it. I think we have to remind ourselves to stop and pause to embrace the moment. Being in the now is one of the most pleasurable times we have. When we are in the moment we just forget about everything else and just enjoy what is happening in the now. This might seem an easy task but for many of us, this is something we don’t do that often.

If we are anxious or worried, we are often not in the moment, we are stuck in our heads. Maybe we are stuck in the past worrying about what has happened. Maybe we are stuck worrying about the future, or we could be stuck with the fears and feelings of anxiety which overwhelm us. Or we could be stuck in an irrational thought process or an obsessive thought pattern. None of these is nice at all and often these negative habits can have a poor impact on our lives and how we feel. But just think about this, why are we doing this and do we need to do this? The answer is always no, we don’t need this at all, but we are stuck going around in circles in our heads.

What we need is to just enjoy what that moment involves without any of this head clutter. Being in the moment is such a relaxing thing for us as our unconscious mind feels totally at peace when we are present. This is often why people who get absorbed in doing crafts and art, reading, or music, can feel great, as there is nothing but the activity to enjoy and you can be more easily present when you are totally absorbed in something. This need to forget about ourselves can also go down the dark side of life and we can end up getting lost in drinking, gambling, smoking, drugs, and online obsessions from gaming to porn. These are just a few of the negative things we can get stuck in. In the beginning, it can feel like a positive thing, we get lost in a game or an experience and feel better because of it. But it’s a smoke screen and isn’t a real moment and because of that, we can often crave more of it as we are searching for that feeling again. If we have an addictive personality this can be a very dangerous slippery slope that then we can get stuck in and then struggle to stop. But if we work on healthy moments of being present, then this can help you with negative addictions as it gives you the thing you are truly searching for, that inner peace in the moment.

How many times do we think to ourselves, where has life gone? And how come we have lost so many years? Time can be like this and pass by quickly so choosing to grab the moments and be in the now is the key to embracing our lives and loving being present. Being present can come in lots of different ways. Maybe we choose to play a game with our children, and we get lost in the moment with them, or we get absorbed in the moment in a great conversation with someone. Both of these things are great as we are totally present, but if we are doing these things and thinking about something else or worrying about something else then we are not present at all. It’s super important to acknowledge this and accept this otherwise we can feel we are in the now and living in the moment, but this might not be the case. It’s important to be honest with ourselves and understand how to stay in the moment, as this will ultimately make you the happiest.

How about you set yourself a challenge and set your alarm to go off every hour if you can, or if work or life is busy then choose the alarm to go off at breaks and lunchtimes or more in the evenings and weekends. For the first few days, or even a week, just make a note of what was happening when your alarm went off, were you in the moment or were you stuck in your head in that moment? After a week or so you should see a pattern of what is happening and then you can decide on how to get yourself living more of your moments in life. If you find that you’re doing things and worrying at the same time, then setting the alarm more often in these times will help you get out of your head and back into the moment. If you are doing things and you are present and, in the moment, then don’t bother as much as you have got those times and being present is easier for you at those times.

Then when your alarm goes off just stop and pause, look around, beware of what you see, feel your feet on the ground, and just breathe and take in the moment. Take as many moments as you can and just enjoy how that can feel. Over time this can bring you both more peace and pleasure into your life, so why not try it and see for yourself? Sara

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