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Review MindHealth

Review the MindHealth App and receive a FREE app code for FULL ACCESS to the app and all of the MindHealth therapies and resources!

If you’d like full access to all of the wonderful resources on the MindHealth app for free, simply download the app (if you aren’t already using it), leave a review of the app on the Apple Store or Google Play Store, register for the Personal Library on the app (if you haven’t already) and a free app code will be sent to you.

You can use this code for yourself or share with a friend so they can access all of the therapies and resources on the MindHealth app for free.

Would you like full and free access to the following?

Podcasts – There are hundreds of blogs that you can read or listen to, that can help you deal with anxiety, confidence, depression, PTSD, learn to motivate yourself, understand how your mind works and much more.

Personal Library – Subscribe to the app and use the personal library for free! Your own library where you can add your favourite blogs, hypnosis sessions, relaxations, therapy and meditation sessions.

Hypnosis Sessions – The hypnosis sessions are here to help you make life changes. Your unconscious mind is 90% of your mind capacity, so getting this big part of your mind on the same page as your conscious mind, will help you to change and transform.

Relaxation Sessions – These sessions are here to help you switch off after a busy day, and over time they teach your mind better ways of dealing with life. There are many different sessions to use for different issues, with different lengths to fit in around your life.

Therapy Sessions – There are lots of different types of therapy, from Reiki, EMDR, NLP and lots more. The therapy sessions can be used for your unique issues. You can work to make the changes you need in life, to be the best version of yourself.

Motivational Quotes – Sometimes we just need a bit of a boost to help us stay positively focused. These quotes can be set to be received 1-3 times a day and may just be the motivation you need to reach your goals.

Meditation Sessions – These sessions are here to help you find inner peace and to reset yourself after a busy day. There are many different meditations to use, at different lengths, to cover a range of issues.

Children’s Support – There are a number of books and free worksheets for children to learn how to deal with anxiety, negative thoughts and insecure feelings. Developing the understanding they need to let go of anxiety and worries, growing into a confident, sure, young person.

Elite Coaching – This program can help you as an individual or as a business. Helping to promote change, growth and transformation on many levels. From dealing with limiters and fears, creating a new mindset, to problem solving and conflict resolution. The possibilities are endless.

One to One Sessions – These sessions can be for adults and children. Established in 1994, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to support you with many issues, from anxiety, phobias, confidence building, bad habits and depression.

So, to make it simple:

Download the MindHealth App (if you’ve not already got it).

– Have a good look around it, get to know the different features and try out the resources.

– Leave an honest review on either the Google Play Store or Apple Store (depending on your device).

Register for the Personal Library on the App.

Receive a code to gain full access to all of the resources on the app for free.

– Use yourself or share with a friend.

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