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Every moment in life is gone by the next moment. For most of us, we just don’t appreciate the moments as much as we should. We can be lost in the habitual mundaneness of parts of our life and then we just get stuck in habit and find ourselves lost to them. This can be fine when we need time to speed up, when we are maybe doing things which don’t bring us as much joy or pleasure. But for some of us, we can get stuck in that cycle of disconnection and then the task or the job stops, and we can forget to bring ourselves back into the moment. Maybe it’s less about forgetting and more about our unconscious mind just getting stuck into a pattern of behaving and then we just keep going with it. It’s worth thinking when you do drift into these disconnected habits, are they just helping you get through the mundane tasks or things that you don’t enjoy or are there times you are zoning out. Once you have thought about your life and how it is broken down into being fully present and then partly disconnected into the habits of your life, it can give you a good overview of how your life is. Then just evaluate if this is making the most of your life. Are you wasting time and losing parts of your life? Could you be more productive and get other things done while doing those mundane tasks? Are you not switching off and becoming present when these tasks finish? Maybe there are other questions you find you need to ask yourself that help you fully consider your life and how much of it you are present for, and how maybe there are parts of your life you can rethink and develop better ways of living.

You might be thinking “why?” “Why bother, things seem ok, do I need to change?” But I think you should be thinking “why not?” Life is precious and wasting seems such a loss of our lives. Maybe you have to drive a lot with your work and your find that a lot of the time you are on automatic pilot and time passes quickly, which is great. But what if you used that time to learn Spanish, or made all the calls that you need to? Or educate yourself with interesting podcasts that you can listen to? You’re still passing the time quickly but you’re using the pleasure of your multifunctional mind to dual task and, you are more present and more in the moment because of it. For most of us, we have those jobs that need doing around the home, like cleaning or gardening, which we need to get done and many of us just drift into that autopilot to get things done. What if you decide to make this a workout while doing the cleaning, you can stretch and move with purpose, being vigorous, making exercising while doing the cleaning part of your lifestyle. Because you will be working more quickly, you could at times stop and do a few sit-ups and press-ups or do different stretches while reaching up to clean areas. You could do calf raises while stretching up, and back stretching while reaching down, in fact, the possibilities are endless, you can plan a whole new way of cleaning your home.

Again, you might be thinking why? But I think again we should be thinking why not! How many of us say we don’t have the time to exercise? Or learn a new language or learn another subject? How many times can we change to be more multifunctional and how can we make life more fulfilled for ourselves? Not only do we get to add something new to our lives but also, we are becoming more present in our lives. This is a great thing to achieve in our lives, why would we want to wander through our lives like a human zombie just going through the motions and not being as present as we could? These are just a couple of ideas that you could consider, but how about if you drive your children to school this could be a time that is your choice to do things or other tasks with the time. You could have a topic you and your children choose and you take the time to discuss things with them. Or maybe you play fun games or educational games, again the list is endless.

Take the time to look at your life and find ways to do those everyday things by being more present and grounded in the moment. I think you will find that you will feel much more productive in your life and also much happier. Have a great day. Sara x

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