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Why put off something until tomorrow when you can do it today? I bet all of us do this at least once a day and for some people, it has become a way of life. I see lots of people
who have stalled in their lives, and they are literally only just doing the bare minimum and even that is a struggle. We all know what we should be doing but we just, at times, are stuck, avoidant and even frozen from moving forward with things. Why are we doing this and why can’t we just push through this and change? It may be that we have become afraid of doing things on certain levels and over time this has compounded into this avoidant frozen issue. For some people they have just ended up living with it, but why should we? Life is short and time is precious, do we really want to limit the life we live? Sometimes it can just feel easier to just stay this way and not try to change. But really if we look at the bigger picture it is such a waste of our lives. We don’t know how many moments we have left in life so why waste them, how about working on living life to the full?

Maybe it is time to hit the go button and get moving in life. If you are at the extremes of these scales then it is best to try to do just a little more and to do things more often. If we set the goals too high, then we can fail and not move forward with situations, and this will only compound where you are in a negative way. If you say you want to get your house more organised, then don’t try and keep looking at the bigger picture as it will seem too overwhelming. It is best to focus on one area at a time and then break this down into bite-sized portions. If you choose to start on the lounge first, you could break this down into smaller areas, say the cupboard under the stairs, the TV unit, and the bookcase. Once you have done this you can go one step further and just target one drawer of the TV unit and commit to spending 15 minutes clearing it out. If we are really struggling then it might be hard to make decisions, if this is the case, first go through the drawer and just work purely on what is rubbish and can be thrown away. Then go back to the drawer and start looking at the things you might never need again or should be stored somewhere else. The next step then could be to get a drawer tidier and organise the drawer so that everything can be seen more easily. Once that’s been done, move on to the next drawer and repeat the process. As you can see breaking things right down makes each task easier to do. It also stops you from feeling overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done.

After you have really broken down the things you want to do into bite-sized pieces, then it is about doing these easy-to-achieve tasks regularly. Motivation does dwindle through the day so the earlier you do things in the day, the better, as it will feel easier to get them done. This doesn’t have to be just focused on things that need doing at home, you can use this same bite-size break down for most things. Maybe you want to go to the gym but feel anxious on your own and this limits when you can go. If you break this down, maybe you could go and have personal training first or go with a friend. Then you could maybe just go in and do stretching or some sit-ups, over time you can add to your routine until you are going to the gym regularly.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter what it is, but the more important thing is that you are not wasting your life with avoidance and fear. This is often what makes us put things off till tomorrow and means we have to carry this ‘need to do’ list around with us in our minds. It will be a negative burden to your unconscious and whenever you think about doing other things your mind will always remind you that you haven’t or can’t do this. I think we all have to accept at some point you will have to do it so why not just do it now? Free yourself from carrying it every day, or, if it is about achieving or doing something, then if you do it today you can enjoy the pleasure of having a full life.

It is a unique time in our history that we have these opportunities in the westernised parts of the world. Why waste them or waste time either? It’s not about life being so full you don’t stop, it’s more about life being a positive abundance of experiences that enable us to live life to the full. Make today the day you say go and you stride out enjoying and achieving things in your life. Sara

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