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We have been looking, over the last few blogs, at the melting pot of our emotions and those emotional responses that can be triggered by stress and things that make us anxious. If you have read all of these then you will be quite aware of the differences we have, and how things impact us on an individual level. I think it shows that having too much of any emotion can lead us into seeing red, or getting blue, or any of the other emotional responses. What we need to do and strive to, is to stay balanced and have that rainbow effect of emotions to help and support us through those difficult times. Finding a way to rebalance yourself is key to helping you feel more grounded, more secure, and more personally in control of how you are responding in life. We all have to accept that there are times in life when we can’t change what’s happening, but we can change how we respond to things. Learning to challenge ourselves to be that best version of ourselves, even in those challenging situations, is the key to living a happier and healthier life. What we need to do is find our own personal solutions that help to change the negative emotional responses we are having. For example, if you see red a lot and struggle with your frustration and anger levels then finding safe ways to release the build-up of those feelings would help you. This could be that you go for a run, head to the gym, or even turn your music up loud in your car and have a scream. All of these can be effective in changing and reducing the red feelings within you, exercise is great at reducing trapped adrenaline which can easily flue the anger and frustrations within you. Also having a scream is great for releasing frustration and helping your body be more open to relaxing

Maybe you are feeling blue, and if this is the case you could watch a funny movie, spend time with someone that makes you feel more upbeat, or again do some exercise for those natural endorphins to be released into your body. If we laugh then we produce more positive emotions, and we know that exercise for depression has been proven as an effective support strategy. What we shouldn’t do is just let ourselves stay with those excessive strong negative feelings, as often this can just make them grow. I don’t suppose we can release them all, but I do think we can stop the overload of just one negative emotional response. In doing so it can help us create the well-needed rainbow effect of colours within ourselves. It is totally fine to have some of each of these emotions, but it can be a negative thing if we get stuck in just one of them.

Take time to help yourself to feel more balanced emotionally; this will be like turning your inner emotional responses into a rainbow. Where nothing is dominant, just your lovely bright mixture of many emotions, without the negative effects of one dominant one. If we work to allow our lives to have lots of different experiences that can help shape our mood and mindset into a rainbow effect, with nothing negatively dominating how you feel, this will help you lead a happier life and give you chance to be that best version of yourself. Life is precious and losing ourselves to negative responses is not something that will enhance our lives. In fact, it can have quite a negative effect on your life and all those relationships you have with other people as well. Why not take the time to fill your life with lots of positive and healthy experiences to help to enhance your mood and mindset?

Maybe you give yourself an exercise challenge or set yourself a daily joke target. You can also ask your family and friends to join you on this positive journey to have those people closest to you in life giving you a bit of healthy competition and comradery. It is always easier to let ourselves down than it is to let others down, so to have challenges that are connected to people you care for could be just the extra push you need to make long-term positive changes. Remember nothing happens overnight, making lasting changes takes time, so do give yourself more longer-term goals to help to support this. If you just do this for a week or two then it will help you but it’s more than likely not going to help you break out of old habits. Making changes takes months, not just a couple of weeks, but after a more extended time the pleasure is that these new habits that you have formed will be something that your mind will be reminding you to do.

Enjoy your life with the rainbow of emotional responses and set those goals to make these new and lasting positive habits. Have a great day. Sara x

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