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We have been looking at the melting pot of our emotional responses to things and how this can trigger our unique response to how we deal with things in our lives and also how we live on a day-to-day basis. If our prominent colour is red then we will be carrying anger and frustrations within us, this can also mean that we might have habits of stirring ourselves up. We can do this by how we deal with things that are happening in the now and also those things we are struggling to come to terms with in the now. If we spend our time winding ourselves up, then this can often make us see red and then react. We have to accept that this is causing us to fuel these feelings, making us angrier and more frustrated by those things outwardly around us.

The other way to seeing Red is that instead of showing this externally – except in maybe an odd or minor moment – we have the red feeling pushed down inside of us. To keep them in, we can often then use food, drink, and drugs to hold these feelings at bay, this can also cause these feelings to then lose that fire and turn to more of a fear response. Whenever we suppress things, it can cause our inner mind to change how we respond from deep within ourselves. This can then make us feel quite confused about why we have started to feel anxious after a prolonged period of suppressing our anger. In those moments we can feel clearly that nothing is causing the anxiety and that it can’t be traced back to anything. Rightly so it will not be a straight path back to the situation that has angered you as it won’t seem relevant to this new feeling that has surfaced. I think it’s important for our mental health that we learn to not suppress our feelings and that we find a safe and acceptable way to let them out.

With issues of anger, we can use exercise, singing or even controlled screaming to release these feelings, as it is not often acceptable to shout and scream at others to vent these feelings of anger that we have inside. But it can work really well to go to a kickboxing class and let them out there, or turn the music up loud in your car and scream out those feelings. Or sing loud to more angry-based music songs, all of these ways can help you out of suppressing the anger and helping you to feel better inside. If we take the time to work through things, then we can change that melting pot of emotions within ourselves and find a more balanced way of living. There can always be times in most of our lives that things aren’t right or fair, but if we don’t have an outlet to let go of the feelings these situations create within us, it can be quite emotionally toxic for us. Learning to understand and manage how we feel is often the key to living a happier life and feeling more in control of all of our emotions. You might have experienced this as well, where sometimes things have made you angry and you have tried to suppress it but then you notice that you are getting quite tearful over things. This is again when your suppression of the feeling within has pushed your inner melting pot of emotions to churn around within you and push up other feelings instead.

I think it can be good to look at what can happen in situations which can trigger you to see red and stop to think about why you are allowing other people’s actions to control how you react to them. I don’t think any of us like to react with anger to other people, so this learning of how we can choose to see this as just a response to the situation that’s happening is one that you can choose to release or change. If we learn to become more non-reactive to things, I think it makes us feel more personally empowered, as the more that we can control our responses, it can also enable us to put things in perspective. Yes, people’s behaviours might not be right or fair but is it a life-or-death situation? If it is not then that level of anger in the situation is just not needed. Things can upset us, but what is key to living a calmer more balanced life is the level of response we then have to these situations. Make today the first day of this new you, no longer seeing red and outwardly or inwardly having to deal with all of these feelings. Have a great day. Sara x

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