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Life can weigh us down at times and it can leave us feeling the heaviness of this, which then can have an impact on how we feel and function in our lives. I think lots of emotional and mental health issues can weigh heavy on us and some of these things we can’t change, but we can change how we communicate with ourselves. We can often be our worst critics and when life is challenging, we can beat ourselves up with our inner self-talk. Also, we can be volunteering our over responsibility for things happening around us by saying sorry for things that we don’t need to do. This can be because we have set our minds in that heavy mindset that makes us feel not good enough and puts the burden of the things that don’t seem right, always at our door. Of course, there will be times we are responsible for something going wrong and saying sorry is often the best route to deal with these times. But the overuse of sorry is quite a burden to our inner mindset and can over time make us feel weighed down with the burdens of the continual pressures of feeling in the wrong.

A good way to approach things in life is to try and allow ourselves to have the lightest footprint on our minds and emotions as possible. This will mean that we can help take away the unnecessary pressures we have been placing on ourselves of our out-of-balance attitude. What can help is to take the time to look at our inner language and what we are thinking and saying to ourselves. Try this for just one day and write down the times you say negative things to yourself and also how many times you say sorry. If you have time at each of these moments, you can assess if this is the right level of response to the situation. If it is not then you will start to become more aware of the excess weight you are placing on yourself with this negative mindset. Over time you can start to commit to changing the way you respond to yourself and others. If this is something you are doing in excess then it might be time to look at ways to build your inner confidence up, as having this excess level of self-talk will negatively impact your confidence levels.

On the App, you can use the confidence sessions and take time to apologise to yourself when you do take those negative routes and mentally put yourself down. Also, you can start to look daily, if possible, at the positive things you have achieved that day and take the time to personally praise yourself for your achievements. This can really help to counteract the negative self-talk and over time help you to make more fundamental changes to your confidence levels. Confidence is a lite bright feeling, whereas negativity is a heavy burden to carry. If you imagine every day carrying the negativity, then it will over time wear you out. If you can make and take life more lightly with a more positive outlook and inner self talk, things will automatically seem better and brighter for you.

This is something that you can change, it might take time to break those habits, but the benefits will be extensive and over time you will feel the lightness that comes from having a brighter mindset. Confidence is a learned and developed habit and it will often take time to fully see the impact of the changes you’re making by removing the negativity from your inner mindset. Also, as we change daily it can often mean that we don’t fully see how far we have come until we look back and think about how we might have responded a few months ago to things. Popping things in our diary can be good to help us see the changes, but what would be even better for you is to start doing a daily journal. This is a great way to positively reinforce our minds with this new lighter mindset we are opting for and it can be great to then look back and see how far you have come. Never expect a miracle change in these situations, as confidence-building never is, it is very much more about making those steady changes. Like going to the gym, each visit is slowly but progressively changing your fitness levels, and confidence building is very much the same. Like the gym, you might go one day and not feel as good as you did the day before and another day you might feel on fire. There is no straight road in any process of change, and in a world that is constantly looking for an instant change, we must regularly remind ourselves of this.

Start today and make your mindset and life a lighter one, and take the time to look back in a few weeks or even months to see how much you have changed. Sara x

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