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The blog last week was looking at the metaphor of the weather and how this can describe the feelings and emotional states we can experience and move through. I think the sun is one of the nicest ones we can feel from others and be experiencing ourselves. It is all about being bright, bold, warm, and vibrant. When we are living in the emotional state of the sun, we can shine brightly, and everyone around us can see this. Of course, people and life can try and bring things in that can overshadow our brightness. You can see this like the clouds rolling in and blocking us from the pleasure of the sun. What is an interesting fact is if we can get through the clouds on any day, in any place, the sun will be always shining. So, if we see this inner brightness that we all have and work towards not letting things cloud this lovely way of feeling, then we will be living a happier life.

This won’t only affect us, but it will affect everyone around us, and it costs nothing to be bright and shine this down on everything and everyone. If we see the clouds as the issues and problems that life can throw us then it’s important to understand that if we dwell on these issues, it will automatically bring in more clouds. The more we focus on them, the bigger they grow and the darker they can become. So, whatever situations in life can be trying to take the shine away from you, it’s important to not give it any time or energy.  If we do this, we can let our brightness burn away the clouds and let the sun shine. Anything we give time and energy to will grow, if we water and tender the plants in the garden they will grow, just like if we think and worry about the issues that are trying to overshadow us, they will grow too. If we keep this at the forefront of our minds, then as we approach these challenges in life then we can choose not to engage with the worries and fears. If we can’t change it, then it is time to let it go, so why not fill the space with the bright happy mood of the sun?

It’s time to shine and be the brightest we can, find ways to laugh more and enjoy life with all the warmth and happiness we can. Each moment only comes by once so it is important to make the most of them. We are all born with this innate brightness and joy, it is often only life’s negative experiences that overshadow this. If we focus on the positives and give no time to the negatives this will help. I know at times life can throw us a curveball and of course, difficult situations can upset us. But do not give it any more attention than what it needs and work to let your innate brightness shine through.

For many of us, we have lots to be thankful for and it’s important to stay focused on those positive things, changing the things we can and letting go of the things we can’t. One good way to keep our brightness shining is to find ways every day to keep smiling. If you like jokes and humour then in the mornings look up a new joke for the day and share it with your family, friends and work colleagues. If you love seeing your children play and laugh, then make sure you take the time to enjoy these moments with them. If your garden brings you joy then take that time to soak up all of the happiness you get from this. There is no right or wrong way with this, you just have to find the things which make you happy and create time each day to do these things. If we get focused on the things which make us shine bright with happiness then we can keep our minds focused on living life this way.

I think we all know that if we get sucked into the clouds of worry then it can often be all we can think about and all we feel is that fear and worry. Don’t let life, situations, or people pull you down, by taking the time to be focused on all the positive things that make us feel brighter and happier. Life can be busy, but it can just take a few moments each day to shine a bit more brightly, so add this to your daily routine. Also remember, don’t get sucked into the negative clouds that pass by, just let your brightness just shine through and burn those clouds away. Have a great day. Sara x

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