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Our minds are the most amazing and spectacular things we can ever conceive. I know we often don’t look at our minds in that way but it is so true. All you have to do is look around our world and all the things we have created. like rockets that go to the moon, keyhole microscopic surgery, life-saving vaccines, buildings that go up to 163 floors high, and computer technology are just a few of them. We could consider so many different things of incredible achievement and the one core component is that it’s minds like you and me that have created these. Our minds at birth or even before we are born are like mouldable multicoloured play dough, which can be shaped into anything you like. Pre and post-birth they say that you can hothouse your child’s mind, abilities, mood and anxiety levels. Before your baby is born, they say that playing your baby classical music will enhance their mind, and yoga will enable them to be calmer. On an adverse level, studies show that drug use might lead to later development and learning disabilities. Also, studies have found that these children may also struggle to control their emotions and ability to focus on tasks. From almost the moment a baby is conceived, their minds and the nerves and tissues that support their minds are developing.

It is just truly amazing that no two people have the same mind or even think in the same way, we may have things we like and can share these likes with others but these similarities are limited. You might be reading this and think that we can’t change who we are or strive to be a better version of ourselves, but that is not the case, you can teach an old dog new tricks. I was an undiagnosed high functioning dyslexic who came out of school with no qualifications. Spelling words have always been an issue for me and even now at times, my mind can seem to jam for a moment and even a three-letter word can seem hard to spell. The rise of technology has given me a new way to learn to spell as an adult and know my fingers and type a word but give me a pen and paper or ask me to spell it out loud and I often revert to my child spelling capacity. It sounds crazy that I could type a word easily but not write it, but that’s how our minds associate things and can literally relearn old habits.

What we need to do is find things that keep our minds active just like we do things that keep our bodies active. Both of these things are a great way to support ourselves, as they say, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Life can provide us with a myriad of opportunities to help us to do this, technology can help us as we can access so many things at the drop of a hat. We can do lots of different brain teasers like scrabble, wordle, hurdle or sudoku, to be honest the list of these types of things is endless. The same can be said for children and the array of educational games and fun things children can do to enhance their mindset and skills. Some of the top sportspeople started playing when they were 2 or 3 years old. Starting this early embeds it into the early learning aspect of our brain, but don’t worry we can learn things at any age. But the key thing is to always remember our minds aren’t set in stone, and with exercise we can enhance our brain capacity, skills, and knowledge. If we think about our minds, like any muscle in our bodies, if we go to the gym and workout a few times every week, our muscle mass will grow, we will become stronger, be able to lift more weight and do other things as well, with our newfound strength. What we need to do is to have the desire to learn and grow just like the desire to exercise and workout.

I think in life it is super easy to become complacent and think I can’t do this but is this real or is this our negative belief that is getting in the way? The power of our mind should never be underestimated and we need to acknowledge that. There have many studies into our belief system and our ability to achieve things. If we set out being negative about if we can achieve something or learn a new skill, this will limit our chances of achieving this. We all try to avoid failing, so if we think we are going to fail, this will push us away from trying. If we feel we can’t succeed, we will often then put ourselves down and criticise our abilities, these will only lessen our chances of success. We are then always looking for the obstacles that limit us and thinking that other people are better than us as they can do this. This will lower our ability to feel able to even start to learn this new task.

What we need to do is see others as an example for us to learn from, not be afraid of trying and putting the effort in that is needed to succeed. Not let setbacks put us off but have that resilience to continue and persist in pushing through any setback that you meet along the way. Another key point in this journey of learning and change, is to embrace change and enjoy rising to the challenge with desire and drive. This is a growth mindset that if we follow these rules then we will achieve so much more in life and maybe even more importantly feel happier about who we are and how we feel about ourselves.

Choose something new today and have an amazing day enjoying the new challenge and positive change it brings into your life. Sara

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