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Life is a medley of many different feelings, thoughts, memories and experiences. It can be very easy to get pulled down by the negative ones and stop us from taking pleasure in the other things in our lives. Often just being present and in the moment, just finding things that we can gain pleasure in and emanate that out, can make a big difference to how we feel. Maybe we see children playing and laughing, or we enjoy just looking into the blue cloudless sky with the warmth of the gentle sun on us. Or we could just laugh with a friend and feel that great feeling that comes with laughter. There is an infinite number of things that can make us shine from the inside out, but we need to acknowledge these and not block them with the negative things in our lives. If we learn to let those moments of joy shine out from us, it will not only allow us to hold those lovely feelings for much longer, but it will also allow this inner shine and happiness to then shine back out and be caught by the people we are around or we meet.

It is such a lovely feeling to do this and shine from the inside out, it’s something that we can feel in the moment but also, we can go back to as well. All we have to do is just think about how that moment made us feel and then that lovely warm fuzzy feeling will start to flood back in. One little moment of shine can then last the whole day or even your whole week. There might also be moments in your life that you never forget, and they can be recalled, bringing in that lovely happy feeling, those things that just make you smile and shine from the inside out. Why not take a bit of time and trail back through your memories to those lovely moments in your life and take the time to just bring all the feelings that come with them back to the forefront of your mind. Waking up that happiness and allowing you to shine from the inside out is great for your mood and emotional wellbeing. Also, it will help you to reduce your stress levels, as it takes 6 times as much energy to be stressed as it does to be relaxed. Harnessing your inner power pack of positivity is one of the best ways to support your inner mindset. Being connected to positive things in our lives give us the chance to embrace life from a more positive outlook. We all know life isn’t always positive, and negative things happen, but why dwell on them if we can’t change or alter them, the key is to let them go and focus on something else. What better than lots of positive moments and memories from our lives, distracting us from those negative feelings and flooding our inner selves with those positive ones.

Doing this regularly is a great way to positively enhance your mindset and create that lovely fuzzy feeling which comes with positive memories and moments. Remember they don’t just have to be massive memories of times in our lives… As I am writing this, a blue finch just popped onto the fence in the garden – I was lucky enough to spot them and take those seconds as they sang a beautiful chorus, seeming so free and bright. This moment is enough to make me smile, bringing that warm fuzzy feeling, as I am in awe at the beauty of the world around us. Taking those moments to think of life, as that cute bird flying high about the world, pausing for moments of the song. These little moments can be just as powerful as that amazing night you had with family and friends, or that idyllic holiday you went on. Or maybe one of your children’s weddings, or when you first held your child or grandchild, or maybe you laughed until you cried.  These memories and moments can be brought to the surface of our minds and bodies, bringing the joy of life to our hearts and minds, making us shine from the inside out. If I could bottle these feelings and sell them to people, I would become a millionaire and people would become addicted to buying them. You have your own million-pound business inside of you, one that can bring you something quite priceless, that inner shine and happiness that makes our lives so special. This is your time to harness this power for your own inner well-being and then it will naturally get shared with the people in your life. If you set aside just a few moments, a few times today, to fill the tank of your inner self with these great feelings, you will feel great at that moment but also over time you will encourage your mind to hold a more positive mindset. Remember practice makes perfect, and practise forms long term habits and positive change. Set your goals, allow the time, send yourself reminders, and start this change today so that you can shine from the inside out. Have an amazing day. Sara x

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