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Do it!

Time is a precious thing, as each moment that we get in life is something we can only have once and when it’s gone, it never comes back. Change can seem a scary thing and often we put things off because of fear. What is super important is that we acknowledge this, and don’t make excuses to hide our fears and stop us from moving forward and harnessing that moment. Our primaeval part of our unconscious mind is the part of us that is the limiter in this. This is an old survival mechanism that over the centuries has kept us doing the same thing over and over again. This part of your mind is only there to protect you, and if you are alive and well then doing what you are doing must be working, so this part of your inner mind will always choose in these situations to stick to what you are doing. Why break what isn’t broken, is the message that comes from this super protective part of your mind. Because if you change and do something new, you might not be as lucky with being safe and staying alive. This was great when we lived as cavemen and in those more dangerous times in our lives, but living in England or in fact, most of our western world, we are safe and changing what we do doesn’t put us in danger.

With this knowledge, we should rethink those things we would love to do and now consider just doing them. Of course, we have to be practical and not be reckless with our choices in life, we should never sell our home and go to Las Vegas and gamble it all in the hopes of winning more money. But if we look at the figures and they make financial sense to move to a bigger house, take that trip of a lifetime, start that new career path you have been dreaming of; now is the time to do it. A life lived without doing what we truly want to do, because we let the excuses we’ve made up from the old fears of our inner mind, that really doesn’t make sense in the world we live in, is such a shame. The thing with any type of fear in any situation, is the more we listen to it, the more it will grow. This being the case, we will over time become more frozen in this fear than we were the day before.

Stop this today and choose to just do it. I am sure you have already looked at this situation from every angle and now is the time to be brave and take that step. Living life is something we should not take for granted, look at what is happening in our world, and see that if you can, then you should. Other people in our world don’t have this privilege of being able to do this and would snap your hand off to change place with you and make those changes. We not only owe it to ourselves, but our families, and the world, to strive to make the most of what life has to offer. Only just over 100 years ago as women, we were the possession of our husbands and couldn’t do anything at all without their permission. So many women spent their whole lives fighting for change, many lost their lives in this process to give us the freedom we have today as women. This is the same for slavery, same-sex relationships, family religious limiters, and a whole host of things we have had in our lives that in the past just stopped us.

These aren’t here anymore, all we have is the fear imprints from the past and they just don’t make sense in the world we are living in. If we push through these fears, what will be on the other side you might be asking. Could it be greater happiness? A better lifestyle? Greater opportunities for your family? A lifelong dream achieved? Or just that chance to explore what life has to offer on the other side of this fear? Whatever it is will be new and might initially come with some fears because new things always do, but what we can have because of this change surely outweighs this. Take time to have a look at your life and the thing that you have been dreaming about doing and choose today to change. Maybe you enrol on that course you have put off doing for years or reduce your hours at work so you can start your new venture, or you start calling round estate agents to get your house valued. If what is happening in our world at the moment shows us anything, it’s that we don’t know what’s coming and today is that precious day that can change our lives for the better. Be brave, be strong, follow your dreams and make these changes today. I know you can do this, you’ve got this x

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