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Peace ✌

We are seeing much instability in our world at the moment and for many of us, we can feel the impact this has on our feelings of peace and safety. It is a time that we need to offer support to those that need us but also to give ourselves the inner strength we need to help us keep peace within us. Often when things upset us or don’t go the way we had expected them to go, it can cause a host of feelings and can trigger us to respond out of character. This is because our responses are being fuelled by fear and a host of overwhelming emotions. For the majority of us in England, we are lucky to be safe in our outer world and so our level of response to things should be appropriate to the situation we are facing. But for many of us, it isn’t just the situation we are in, it’s all the things from the past, that on a deeper level are in some way intrinsically connected to not only the past, but the present situation too. Trying to separate this in the moment can often be near impossible to do, as the pull of our internal drivers often seem to have taken hold and the rational side to our ways of dealing and processing things are damaged or disabled.

After these types of reactions, we can have a realisation, and as they say, the dust can settle, and we can see more clearly about the situation. If you have experienced something like this, then it is important to give yourself space and time to debrief yourself over how you have responded. For most of us, we learn from our mistakes and that’s fine, as it’s the normal evolutionary way to grow and evolve as people. But if we don’t learn from things and we keep following these patterns in life, then it’s going to make our lives uncomfortable. This, in turn, will stop us from being able to be in a place of peace within ourselves, and if we are not at peace, then it’s hard to be at peace with the world around us. Our minds are complex, and they don’t know the difference between the past, present, and the future; they are all as one. This is often a big driving factor in us confusing the past and present and responding to things in a way that doesn’t warrant what is happening in the now.

Hindsight can often help us but sometimes we can get lost in this internal dialogue and inappropriate levels of responding, and we can’t seem to break out of this cycle of behaviour. This can not only impact us in the now but can also make us nervous about things that may come, as our old belief systems can trigger these fears and internalised anxiety responses. Also, we can be blinded by our own story that we forget to look at how this is being viewed by the other person. We all have our unique view of every situation and this is normal, for many of us we are not far away from the other person’s perspective. But at times we can be so far away from the other person’s perspective as we are blinded by our needs and our own stories.

Being open and objective to what is happening in our lives is key to helping us feel at peace with ourselves and our actions. We are never always right or always wrong, we are often somewhere in between these two opposing sides. Finding ways to be more in balance with our emotions and responses is often the most important aspect of change and growth. But these can also be the most challenging factors we can have on an emotional evolutionary level. If we were all honest with ourselves, most of us would want things to always go the way we hope and dream for them to go. Of course, we wouldn’t want this to cause harm to others and for others to get their needs met as well. This tug of war in life is the ultimate challenge we can all face, and as we navigate this crazy world we live in, then searching for inner peace and balance between our needs and the needs of others is the key.

Take time to find that peace you crave and to offer consideration for how others might be viewing the world from their perspective. Search for the balance between the two by being present and not letting those feelings of past hurt, and unresolved storylines, keep getting in the way of long-term change. Now more than ever, we need this level of peace within ourselves to help us find that calm place to work through the challenges that we face in life. Take time every day to hold peace within you and try and share this with the world around you. Have a great day Sara x

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