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We all worry from time to time and that is quite normal, but if we let these worries get out of hand, we can cause ourselves lots of issues. Worrying is not just sometimes what we do in our minds but is also something that our bodies do on many different levels. It is so easy for our minds to push worry into our bodies, and it can be done on such a deep level of our unconscious mind, we might not even be fully aware of it. If this is happening, we might find that we get a stomach ache, a headache, feel tension, increased blood pressure, elevated levels of cortisol, your neck can become very stiff, we can feel detached from ourselves, your feelings, or your world. Other ways our worries can get pushed within us is by our worries turning into other feelings; we can get reactive, frustrated, angry, agitated, sad, tearful, become aggressive, and we can also step into denial. With all the things I have mentioned, you can start to see that we can turn into an emotional melting pot of responses and feelings. These are only some of the ways we can feel, there are more ways our bodies can respond negatively to stress. So, if you are feeling stressed and you are having different physical feelings, then it might well be coming from the suppression of your worries.  Because it is so complex and our mind is so clever in working to protect us, it can cause us to not easily follow where our worries are moving to and to fully understand why we are feeling certain ways.

Our minds don’t like to be living with worries and I think for most of us we don’t like being worried either. So, if we don’t deal with the worries, we need to be mindful of what can happen and where our minds will take us. With this being the case, we must remember that whatever way we go, at some point we will have to face those worries. Knowing this, it would then seem sensible to face those worries and find ways to get out of worrying so we don’t push ourselves down any of those other roots. If we deal with the worries and not let them overwhelm us, then not only will we stop it from becoming physical, but we also save that time of living in denial over these things. If we can just work to nip it in the bud, we can learn to cope better with the challenges of life and allow ourselves to stay relaxed and live in the moment. Eventually, whichever path you take you will always have to come to terms with things, accepting and letting go of those worries. Why not choose to do it now and save all that wasted time with worry and physical stress – life is precious, let’s live for today.

It’s good to try and look at what these worries are and how you can change what is happening within your emotional responses and thought processes. It is good to put things down on paper and not continue to think this through in your head. If you keep thinking and not change how you’re trying to work this through on a level, your mind on an unconscious level can still see this as worrying. But changing how you work things through, will change how your mind deals with things. Doing the same things will always bring the same results. It is time to find a new plan and direction into how you deal with those worries that come in life. After you have taken the time to write things down, now look at the possible solutions and ways to deal with things. Sometimes there is nothing we can do to change what is happening and if this is the case, WORRYING WON’T HELP YOU.  Worrying about things we can’t change or alter, is such a waste of time, it can’t help, and it will just make your mind and even your body feel the pain of this. Leave yourself notes to remind yourself of this, and work to distract yourself from those old patterns of worrying.

We often only go down those routes of worry due to habit, if we work to change those habits, we can change how we cope with things and also how we feel. If we have made the list and found we can change things, then now it is time to take action and do everything we can to help this situation. Once we have got to that point and done everything, we then need to accept this is all we can do and step away from the worry habits. Distraction is often the best way to get out of worrying, if we are not thinking about it, then we are not worrying, if we are not worrying, we won’t feel anxious. If we are not anxious, then our mind and body will feel safe, and we will cope better with things.

Take time to put pen to paper, do what you can, and then take the time to get out of those habits of worry.  The more you deal with life in this new way, the better you will feel, and the calmer life will be for you. Make this year a calm year, where you change the things you can, and let go of the things you can’t.  Sara x

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