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We have been looking at ways to help keep your mind in a clear place and help you feel more relaxed and get those good night’s sleep that we all crave.  If our minds are full of life, thoughts, options, worries, fears, and the burdens of our life, being in a calm place won’t come that easily. Even if we think we are coping well, it doesn’t mean that we are coping the same way on an unconscious level. Our minds are always trying to protect us and sometimes we feel fine on those outer conscious levels, but beneath the surface, it can be very different. Finding the ways that help us to clear our minds is ultimately the best thing for us, as with a clearer, calmer mind, we have the space to feel and function better.

When we are full of things running through our minds and it’s causing us to feel overwhelmed or anxious, a good thing to do is to do a detox of the mind. This is best to be done first thing in the morning and never to be done at bedtime. If we do this at bedtime, we can just be digging everything up and this can cause us to start the process of overthinking, which isn’t the right thing to do before going to bed. This can cause us to not sleep well, as we can be churning through this in our heads, impacting our stress levels and stopping us from gaining that deep sleep we need. Also, if we don’t sleep well, we cannot deal with things that easily either. It is much easier to get overwhelmed if we haven’t slept well. Many factors in life impact our stress levels and finding ways that work for us is the key to managing our stress levels and living a calmer, happier life.

A morning mind detox is a great thing to do as it can help you clear your thoughts and give your mind the time to process these better through the day. Not only will it help you lift the burden of those heavy thoughts and dilemmas out of your minds, it can also bring new insights into the things you are dealing with. Just get yourself either a pen and paper or your computer, tablet, or phone, again like all these approaches, find the ways to adapt things so they work the best for you. Then set a timer on your phone for 30 mins, this is the maximum time to do these but for many of us we don’t need as much time as this. This approach is not about trying to write in a certain way or about making this the perfect piece of writing, it is about just clearing things from your head.

When you write, just let the words and feeling flow out, don’t worry about typos or punctuations, this isn’t what this is about. Also don’t worry if you jump from one thing to another, just keep reminding yourself it’s just a detox, a way to clear your mind. Write about how these things in life are making you feel and how this is impacting you in your mind and body. You can write down options and all those thoughts and feelings about ways to navigate these times, again don’t get caught up with pros and cons, just do your best to stay fluid with this process. You might find that things you hadn’t considered seem to surface, as you admit to yourself how you are truly feeling. This is because our minds are amazing at living in denial and this approach can help you step out of denial and push your mind to process those things more deeply. As we start the process of coming to terms with things, our mind will then be ready to let us look at the next layer of these issues. Our minds are like onions and working through issues is like peeling back the layers of that onion to reveal the next part of this process. The protective parts of our minds won’t let us have all of this in one go as it can blow our minds and impact our ability to cope with life, so the process of peeling back the layers is essential. If we get stuck on a layer then we can just keep running this through our minds and then we can end up back at square one. Using this approach is a great way to just allow this creative writing detox to speed up the process of working things through. The key to the morning detox is to not hold on to things, but just let our mind flow out onto the paper, this can help our mind start to work through those layers on a deeper level.

Once you have finished, pop this away and then work to distract yourself into your day, do your best to not dwell on this or reflect on this. Remember dwelling on it hadn’t been working, so try and give this up. Letting your unconscious mind do what it is best at doing, which is working things through. This can feel hard but fill your mind with something else to help you deflect from the thoughts. The next morning you can do the same as you did yesterday. I often say to people to continue for up to 10 days with this morning detox but again do what feels right for you. What you will notice over the days is that we will hold less fear to the things we are dealing with. As you are no longer avoiding them, you are using this detox approach to face those fears. Fear is the limiter that stops us in our tracks and it is key to facing those fears so that our minds can feel safe enough to move to the next layer of the issue.

Enjoy this mental detox and help your mind in these difficult times. Our unconscious minds are amazing, so help that part of your mind support you better as you face those fears with this positive cleansing technique, and work through things more quickly. Sara x

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