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We have been looking at our minds, and how they work on those deeper levels and just how much depth we all have within us. Also, I am sure for many of you, it might have made you think about anything that might still be impacting your life on a deeper level. Continuing to look at the analogy of ourselves being the planet at the centre of our universe; I think it is a good way to understand more of our hidden depths, just like as we explore the far reaches of our cosmos and what this holds. There have been many experiments and there is extensive continual research into our minds and how they work. It is truly like the cosmos we live in; much-uncharted territory and the unknown makes up a big part of how we see our cosmos. With our solar system we have made massive strides forward, our recent trip to Mars is one of the most exciting things we have achieved. Even with this, we still have so many unexplored areas of our cosmos, just as we do our minds. More high-tech resources can help us understand our minds on certain levels, but it is still so vast and unexplored on other levels.

Much of the latest research sees that the unconscious mind has more sophisticated capacities than many have thought. We continue to find out more about the amazing capacities of our minds as each year goes by, but we have to acknowledge that there is much more work to do as we start to explore the power and reach of our unconscious minds. Like our cosmos, lots remain out of sight to the naked eye. Many experiments just give us a glimpse below the surface into our unconscious and the vastness of who we are.

If you’ve ever had the experience of déjà vu or a sudden, strong, intuition about a person, or something that was going to happen, then you’ve heard your unconscious mind trying hard to get in touch with you. If you’ve ever had a gnawing sensation in your gut that things just aren’t going right, even though on the surface, the day seems fine, then you’ve heard your unconscious mind at work, picking up on cues you’re not consciously aware of and warning you about them. These can be like the distant rumbles in the clouds as a storm approaches, and the eerie stillness that can happen before massive events happen on our planet. But if we look further out into our minds, then these could be the shooting stars and the deeper parts of those unseen black holes.  I think at times we can all have that sixth sense, maybe we have been made uncomfortable by someone that you have just met, even though that person seems friendly enough on the surface. But beneath the surface within you, you are hearing alarm bells coming from your unconscious mind about contradictions in that person’s superficial friendliness, maybe masking perhaps some deeper anger or angst.

You should listen to your unconscious mind carefully in those moments, as the vastness of our minds is something we do need to trust at times. Don’t get me wrong, if we find we are constantly feeling this way then we are either in a continuously dangerous situation or our anxiety is spiking, and we are getting paranoid about things. Remember, we are the ones that explore our cosmos, and using our conscious rational thinking part of our mind is always essential too.  So, at times we have to make friends with those uncomfortable feelings and accept maybe we are just nervous, but, also if this is not something that happens often for you, then if I were you, I would pay lots of attention to these signals coming from your unconscious mind. We know in studies that our minds don’t like to lie, and show signs of this on a conscious level, and the same goes for keeping secrets. In studies, it has shown that people holding secrets will feel more anxious because of it and when they share the secret, they will often feel a sense of relief and start to feel more relaxed. I am sure we have all felt this at times, that feeling of being able to get your cards on the table, get those things off your chest and fully express these things. This being the case, is the vast reaches of our cosmos holding the processes that consciously we are not fully in control of? I do think this is the case and that our unconscious minds routinely try to figure out what someone is intending to do, or think, whether it’s in a meeting or simply a conversation with a friend. This is because our primaeval mind never switches off and is always looking to protect you by staying alert to possible dangers that are around you.  Taking the time to listen to the signal coming from within you and developing that connection to the depth of who we are is exciting. Maybe you can see it like buying a telescope and now seeing the sky from a whole new perspective, and how exciting it is to explore things on that deeper level.

You’ll find, as you practice your listening skills, that your ability to hear your unconscious quickly and accurately will steadily improve until it’s a regular companion at your side, keeping you abreast of what’s going on around you with very little conscious effort. How exciting will this be moving forward in your life with this extra depth of awareness? It’s like our own inner support system sending you those signals and messages to help you live your life more intuitively.  I think that in our history, we have listened to these signals much more and this is not something new, it’s more a rediscovering of what we have just forgotten to do. Sara x

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