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Life can be so full on at times, and we can, at times, never seem to find the time to just stop. I think many of our worlds are all moving at a very fast pace and don’t always leave much time to find that inner peace. In the first lockdown, some of us found we had more time, but for others, it was even more pressure from our life commitments, or maybe it was coming from new factors. But whatever our lives throw at us, it is very important that we work to give ourselves more time to find our inner peace. Our deeper mind needs these times of peace to feel fully safe and secure. If we are always on the go then sometimes our minds can get stuck in this overdrive mode. It’s like your car when it is over-revving, it’s on this constant cycle and it has an impact on many aspects of the car, from using more fuel, and wearing the car out more quickly. Living on overdrive will have similar effects on how you feel, it is like draining your energy and wearing you out more quickly because of it.  Over time, our minds can feel that life must be this way, and even when we could stop, we can find ourselves filling those gaps with more busyness. Our inner mind is always searching for the patterns, and if we are overdoing things in life, then this is just what pattern we end up getting stuck in.

With this in mind, it’s time to let our minds know that we can and will stop, giving us those moments to find that inner peace, with those moments of stillness and quiet. To help us find balance in our life, we have to find ways to make moments of peace part of our lifestyle. On the new version of the App, you have a great selection of relaxation sessions, lots of meditations, and hypnosis sessions, which can help you start to find that peace within yourself. Peace is about just taking those moments in the now, where we are calm and present. You might find your peace by sitting in a sun trap in your garden, or being outdoors with nature, or playing some classical music. There is no right or wrong way, there is only your way, but you do have to take the time to put these moments into your life on a regular basis. By doing this, you end up forming new healthy habits, which over time, your mind can then mirror these habits back to you, reminding you that this is what you do.

The things that we can do with ease are the ones we have made into unconscious habits, and our inner mind helps us to remember, and reminds us how to do these things. So much of what we do in our lives is done on autopilot. Who would want to learn to drive every time we get into the car, or learn to walk again each time we stand up? Not me! We wouldn’t get much done at all in our lives, as many of these things take weeks, months and even years to learn.  But once it has become automatic, then we can relax, and things can flow easily.  With putting peace into our lives, what we need to do is to take the time to find our inner peace and just stop for a moment. Then we need to make this into a habit that can become part of our automated lives. Regularly taking time to stop and find that inner peace is the key to this, a way to help speed up the inner learning process is to try and find similar times and patterns to when we stop, relax, and find our inner peace. Don’t think that this has to be something that takes up a lot of your time, sometimes less is more. If we expect too much of ourselves and set the bar too high, then we can sometimes end up failing, as it is something that we can’t sustain. This is sometimes why we cannot achieve the goal we set ourselves, not because we can’t do it, but more for the fact that we can’t fit it into our lives.

If you are wanting to live your life with those full stops of peace littered between the busyness of life, then set those goals to make this happen at nice achievable levels. Once these are in place, you can always challenge yourself to add to these positive habits. Choose to do less time, but more often, while finding ingenious ways to help you be full of all the peace you choose to have in your life. I think that peace is such an understated part of life, when you have found what works for you and take the time to stop and enjoy peace in life, you might agree with me.  Start your journey to becoming unconsciously automated, with your full stops of peace, in your life. Sara x 

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