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We can all get worried from time to time, this is quite normal, but if we start to over-worry about things, then this will be causing your stress levels to rise. For many of us, we know when we are relaxed and we know when we feel terrible, but often, we lose track of how we are feeling in the middle of these two extremes. This is because relaxation and stress are clearly defined in our minds and the gap in between isn’t clear, so are we relaxed or are we stressed? If we let things grow, then it is like a drip-feeding response, and often if we don’t notice this is happening then it can continue to grow. If you imagine, every time you worry, it sends those thought bubbles of worry and fears up into your own cloud, that just circles over your head. This is your personal worry cloud, which means that you don’t go anywhere without it, it just follows you around and the more worries you have, the more you fill your cloud. I guess all of us can have a few wispy clouds around us and maybe on our chill-out days they can blow away and let us have those clear blue-sky days. But if this is something you are doing all the time, then even when you are not worrying in the now, the worries of the past are still circling you.

If we have been over-worrying, then I see the cloud as a dark storm ridden cloud full of rain, thunder, lightning, doom, and gloom. If you have ever watched the kids’ film ‘The Adams Family’, I see it like that, the cloud that follows the family around. I might be making light of this but it’s a horrible situation to be in. Because that cloud is holding all your prominent fears, it will have a massive impact on how you are feeling. Maybe for you, it is like you could react and lash out, like a strike of angry lightning. Or maybe for you, it is the torrent of storming tears, ready to burst from you, like a dark storm cloud dropping its contents everywhere. Or maybe you are in that dark shadow of depression, with it all just hanging over you, just like that big black cloud which blocks out all the sunshine and brightness. Or maybe you are a mix of all of those, either way, none of them are great.

With this being the case, it is time to stop filling your cloud with worry and fear, and it’s time to change how you deal with the ups and downs of your life. Always remember that if you can’t change or alter the situation or issue, then worry isn’t the answer, so it is time to accept on all levels that, “Worry just isn’t worth it”.  If we can’t change or alter something, we need to accept this and let go of the negative habits of worry. Who wants the dark cloud of worry hanging over them? None of us. But also, this will just be adding to those existing worries, imbalanced emotions, and depressive feelings. This is because the more we worry, the more worried we become. We then feel more worried overall, so in turn, we are more likely to be worrying about other things in our lives which we don’t need to worry about. We then approach everything from this worried and anxious stance, which will just increase our anxiety, pushing us to worry a bit more. Breaking the cycle of worry is the key, if a worrying thought comes to mind, then just ask yourself can you change or alter it? If the answer is no then it is time to let this go. Remember your mind is very used to worrying in those moments, so you need to change what you do. Try apologising to yourself for the unnecessary worry and then get on and distract yourself. Once your mind has forgotten that worrying thought, then any of the stress that the worrying thought might have brought on, will have gone, or reduced. Over time, it is about learning to live life in a calmer, more rational, and worry-free, way.

Life will never be plain sailing, it’s time to accept that it just isn’t that way, in doing this it will mean that you don’t expect too much of your life. Keeping this attitude over time, will allow you the time you need to find the balance and peace in your thought processes to accept this. Over time, you will not have that great big worry cloud following you everywhere and because of this, you can feel clearer within yourself. This is because just like the cloud stops you from seeing things as it blocks your view, the same is happening with worries. The worries cloud your mind, your thoughts, also blocking out rational thinking and the ability to have an overview of the situation that would give you a better perspective.  Use the next few weeks to detox your mind and clear the clouds that have been following you, creating those positive patterns to live life in a more positive calmer way.

Enjoy your week. Sara x

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