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Making changes in life can take time and this can often challenge us on many different levels. We can choose to play it the steady safe way with our goals and the desires we want to achieve in our lives, or we can take the opposite approach to things in a different way and think BIG.  Thinking BIG is a good attitude to take when we are looking at making changes in our lives, as we can easily push our minds to achieve so much more.  This won’t be for everyone, but that’s often how things are in life, we have to find what works for us. Using the BIG attitude to change, is about pushing our minds to the next level, and opening us up to see beyond our comfort zones.  This is not something you would use in every area of your life and you wouldn’t do lots of different things at the same time with this approach either. Thinking BIG needs to be a contained approach to changing.  Good areas to think BIG in are work, money goals, projects and even weight loss, as we can often push those boundaries and make big changes in our lives.

Let’s look at thinking BIG with money, this can be a great challenge that we set ourselves when we want to save for something.  If we just set a normal goal, we might well say we will save £50 a week and then in X amount of time we can get what we have been saving for. Thinking BIG about saving money would be to look at every area of your finances and find ways to save money on all of them.  The first thing you would do, is to look at all your bills, and you are looking to see if you can get them cheaper, re-mortgage, change credit cards for 0% offers, do comparisons on all your utility bills etc.  While you’re doing this, you can also make sure there are no surplus bills or subscriptions you have that you are not really using anymore. Once you have done this you can then look at your everyday expenses and look to see how much you can reduce these. Maybe you can look at what you spend on your food bills, you could decide to cook more, have fewer takeaways, eat out less, make your own lunches and take them to work. All of these ideas will help you buy into thinking BIG at ways of saving money. Once you have done this, then it is all about saving every penny you have for your goal of saving money.  Then you can take another step and you can look at ways to earn more money so that it can help this plan of BIG changes with your savings.

You can use the BIG change plan for many areas of your life, the key point is that you’re hitting your goals in this BIG style approach and you leave no stone left unturned until you have thought of every way to support the BIG goals you have set in place. These types of goals can’t be continuing forever, they are goals that you work at in a concentrated way, and they give you this big push in an area of your life. Once you get through the first few weeks of your BIG challenge, you need to stop and take stock. This is an important part of any BIG goal, if you don’t, you can end up losing the motivation you need to keep going. If the BIG goal is saving money, then it can be easy to see how your efforts are working. Check through your accounts and transfer all the money you have saved into a separate account; you can even screenshot it so you can keep looking at what you have achieved so far.

The next thing you can do is work out how many weeks or months it will take to achieve your goal. This can be a great motivator for your mind, as your mind loves to see the time scales as it works through a good plan.  We are always looking for the end goal and this can be a great motivator for us as well, as it becomes our own virtual finish line. When we see the finish line ahead of us, it can give us that extra motivation we need to push us to get over the line. Whatever BIG goal you have, try and find a way to create your own finish line with your goals, it will aid your motivation levels. If we can harness our minds to help us achieve our goals, then we can get much more motivation, which in turn will help us to keep going.

With a BIG goal, it is all about pushing the pause button on other aspects of life, to focus as much energy as we can to achieve this goal in the quickest possible time. We can all sometimes see life as very fast-paced and this can push us to want things more quickly. If we want to make a quick change then the BIG goal method might be just what you need to make a quick, positive change in your life and achieve the outcomes you are seeking.

Take the time to think of all your options with a BIG challenge, as we can’t do this forever. We need an end goal to give us the motivation to achieve this. Set the plan in place, put aside whatever we can to focus on the BIG goal, and then run to the finish line.

Have a great day. Sara

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