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We often think that finishing things is the successful part of changing and of course it is.  How great is it to get to the end of our goals and feel that amazing feeling of satisfaction which we have when we have achieved something? I think it is one of the best feelings we can have, not only the success of making it to this point, but also the things that you have achieved are exciting too. But the key to changing is actually the start of the process, not just the end goal.  If we don’t start something, we will never get what we want in life and in fact, we could end up living in a one-dimensional version of what we could truly be. Often, we don’t change, not because we don’t know what we want to change or even what we want to achieve, but it is that we just never get going with things. You might be a dreamer or maybe you know someone who is, and these people are always talking about things, but never actually following through and starting the things they dream about doing. If this is you, it is time to wake up and see that treading water in this way is just a waste of your life, which you have been blessed with. We should never forget how fortunate we are to be living in England and having all these options, choices, and opportunities. Many places in the world just don’t get these opportunities and it is time to wake up and make the most of what we have in our lives.

Life can be busy and we can use that as an excuse to not do the things which would expand us as a person and give us the growth, joy and challenges that can make our lives exciting. Why have a one-dimensional existence when you can feel so much more fulfilled, grow as a person, expand your confidence, and become that best version of yourself?

It is time to stop dreaming and just start doing what you have been dreaming of.

The longer we put off starting something, the harder it will be. This is because your mind sees anything that you avoid as something that must be scary. As you can guess, each time you don’t start something and you put it off, the more your mind will associate fear with whatever you are trying to achieve. This is why I believe that starting is the key to success, as this is just what we need to make those changes we often desperately want to have in our lives.

Remember tomorrow may never come, so make today the day you choose to start.

I am sure you will all agree that the more you put off something, each day it becomes more difficult to get going with it. This is the same for the hours in the day, if we wake thinking we will do that later, then later may never come. This is because motivation is like a reservoir, each time you take a sip of it, it goes down in size. You might say you will do it in an hour, which is a sip of motivation, and your reservoir goes down, then it will be that you will do it before lunch, again your reservoir will go down. Then it is after lunch you put it off again, you get the gist of it, the more you put things off the more your reservoir of motivation is being drained until eventually, you say I have run out of time and will do it tomorrow. Then the next day comes and we can still be stuck in this cycle of putting things off and using all our motivation up and never actually getting it done.

The best way to help yourself with this is to just make small steps when you start something, things that are easy and achievable, as this can help start the ball rolling and help you make those changes you want in your life. Setting the time in your diary on a day that you have the time, first thing after getting up, is best, so you don’t fall into the motivational reservoir draining cycle. Once you have taken those first steps, you have broken that invisible barrier of avoidance that you have been carrying. Now keep those steps going, don’t leave it another month before you do any more or this might be you back to the starting point with this whole process.

Make plans to do a bit every day or every few days, no longer than that if possible. Also, another great tip is to set the same time aside each week. Doing this will help your mind form habits of doing these things and then it will over time start to remind you that this is what you would normally do at this time, on this day.  The more we harness our automatic habitual unconscious mind, the better, it will just make the process of changing so much easier if you do.

Make today the start of your transformational change. Sara

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