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In the previous blog ‘Hate’, we were looking at the power of words and just what an impact they can have on water cells and the fascinating work that Dr Emoto has done in his studies. We are all, about 50% to 65% of water, so now is the time to start sending the love we need and deserve, to ourselves and our bodies and also to start to emanate this to the world around us. We live in a very outwardly focused society for all of us, but more primarily the younger people who are bombarded with images that they can at times feel driven to aspire to. This is an issue for us all, as lots of the images are not true-life images, as they have been edited and enhanced. But even though we know this on one level, that can often not stop us from comparing ourselves to them, and this can in turn make us feel inadequate about who we are. The knock-on effect is that our confidence and self-esteem will be lowered, but at its worst, it can make us dysmorphic about how we look, which can lead to lots of issues. The extremes of this will be things like anorexia, severe insecurities and obsessions with beauty procedures, and these are just a few of them. This is because we can become over-focused on ourselves and not see things in their true perspective. As we continue to overfocus, we enhance those feelings of not being good enough, in turn, the more negative messages we send to ourselves, leading to increased feelings of negativity about ourselves. This can become a real negative spiral that just increasingly compounds how bad we feel about ourselves, knocking our confidence and lowering our self-esteem.  What we all need to do, is to learn to love ourselves for who we are, and if we are not being that nice to ourselves, then this is something we need to change.

One of the experiments by Dr Emoto into how the water crystals transformed after they had been preyed to by the Buddhist priest, is a great example to us all to see that we don’t have to continue to carry those negative emotions. Whether it be how we look at our bodies, our faces, our personalities, our intelligence or whatever aspect of ourselves we are down on.  If we start to send ourselves more positive messages, then we can change the way we feel about ourselves. Life is a balance between striving to be that best version of ourselves and not expecting too much of ourselves. It’s great to work at who we are and look to challenge ourselves in positive ways, but if we set the bar too high, it can become detrimental and not help us make the positive changes we had hoped it would. It’s great to take time, to take stock of who we are and how we feel about ourselves, this can give us time to reflect on what we can strive to change and what is not achievable. If we are always putting ourselves down, then this is something that we will need to stop, as this will only lower our confidence and stop us from feeling happy and secure in who we are.

Now is the time to listen to our own language we have with ourselves and make changes to those negative patterns we are in. From now on, if you find yourself putting yourself down, I want you to stop and just apologise to yourself, you can do this out loud or just in your head. What we need to say is, “I am sorry I said that I didn’t really mean that, it’s just a bad habit I have been in, but I am choosing to stop this. I think you’re great, and I choose to send you loving messages from now on”. Each time we do this, we are setting a new way of thinking and behaving, over time we will work our way out of putting ourselves down and start giving ourselves positive praise instead. The next thing we can do is spend a bit of time every night as we go to sleep and give ourselves praise for the day we have had and take a bit of time to value how we dealt with a situation, or how we handled parts of the day. The other thing we can do if we are struggling with self-image issues, is to take the time to send our bodies love. As we fall asleep, this is a powerful time for our minds to absorb the messages we send ourselves, so doing this at bedtime takes advantage of this.

We can imagine that we are writing the words of love all over our bodies, concentrating on the parts of us that we feel the most negative about. We can also do this when we put body cream on or when we are having a shower; sending the love into our bodies as we do these everyday things, will start to help us change how we feel about ourselves. On the App, you can use the confidence-building hypnosis session and start boosting your confidence about how you feel about yourself. If you are on social media and have lots of images that bombard your feeds and make you feel inadequate, then maybe it’s time to unfollow or mute those posts. Instead, you could find more realistic images of how people look and start putting how we feel about ourselves into a better perspective.  If we take the time to be kinder to ourselves and in fact everything and everybody around us, we will feel better just by doing this.

Positivity breeds positivity and negativity breeds negativity.

Make those choices to choose what we bring into ourselves and what we put out into the world around us. If we spend the time committing to change, then change will come our way. Make today the first day of self-love and spreading love and happiness around you. Sara x

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