Can those negative words we say to others and also to ourselves, have a deeper impact on us than what we think? This experiment is going to blow your mind and make you start to rethink the power of words.  What happened in this experiment is just so incredible it might seem hard to fully believe. Dr Emoto exposed water to both positive and negative music, spoken words, typed words, pictures and videos. Then, he froze them and took photos of the ice crystals under a microscope. Water exposed to words like “love”, “thank you”, “appreciation”, “happiness”, and “truth” or music, turned into beautiful crystals.

The water exposed to negative words, like “you make me sick”, “Adolf Hitler”, and “I want to kill you”, froze like ugly and mutated versions of water cells.  Don’t just take my word for it, go and google him and just take a look for yourself; above is just a couple of the images that the frozen word cells look like under a microscope.

Better still, why not do your own experiment at home. Dr Emoto devised this experiment for anyone to do and what better experience can we get than true first-hand experience. Emoto passed along this experiment for you, your family and friends to do at home. He instructed people to fill three glass jars with cooked white rice. One would be labelled LOVE, the next labelled HATE and the third would have no label. For the next 30 days, people conducting the experiment would speak to the jars of rice every day, according to the prompts on the label. I know it sounds strange but if you can just get over that, what happens is so worth it. Here is a picture of someone else’s experiment, this might give you the push you need to try this yourself.

Into the LOVE jar you would send lots of compliments, words of praise and assurances of Love. Then into the HATE jar, you will say “I hate you”, “you’re ugly”, and lots of mean put-downs. With the final label-less jar, you will be totally ignoring it, it would get neither good nor bad words.

What most people saw was that the rice in the LOVE jar stayed impeccably white. The rice in the HATE jar grew spores and mould. In some instances, it took on the form of unidentifiable goop – go online and google them, there are lots to look at. The same went for the rice that was totally ignored, it also grew spores, mould and gross goop. Lots of these were not as bad as the Hate ones but in a few of them, the ignored rice looked even worse than the hated rice.

So, you might say what’s happening here? Well, what you are seeing is that the water was absorbing the good and bad vibes, the ill words, the ill intentions as well as the praise and love, and they were having effects on the rice. This was happening because as Emoto would tell you, everything has energy, including and especially, words and thoughts.

So, what is this showing us then? That water is impressionable, and your words and thoughts hold energy; some good and some bad. Basically, our thoughts and intentions contribute to our external realities. And water can feel whether or not we’re putting out a good vibe or a bad vibe.

Let’s consider this and how it can affect ourselves. As our bodies are made up of 50-65% water, our bodies have plenty of opportunities to take the thoughts, words and intentions we have within us and also outside of ourselves, to shape the reality of our lives.  All of us have heard of the power of positive thought and how we impact how we feel, also many of you might have tried the power of hypnosis and positive suggestions. Maybe seeing these things in real life and also in the images online, may help you to see the power of your thoughts and words. But also, for ways to help us change how we feel, look at these water crystal images below and how Buddhist prayer affected them.

This sort of knowledge is just so valuable for all of us. Sometimes we can feel that we can’t change and we are stuck with the way we feel and think. After 27 years I have seen thousands of people transform by using the power of positive suggestion. With the new Apps having been launched, you now have that chance to change and grow using the power of positive suggestion. Several of the sessions are short booster sessions so all you need is 10 minutes a day. Why not just do it today, I am hoping that just listening to or reading this podcast and blog, will give you that extra push you need to prove to yourself that there is lots of hope for change. Google and look at the hundreds of images showing how we can influence water crystals and use that newfound belief to think about things in new ways.

One of the most important things to learn from this amazing research is the power you have to create good. Set yourself a challenge to find 6 things a day or 6 times when you can choose to be kind and supportive to the people around you. This will take just a few seconds or minutes of your day to just say, “you’re looking well today”, “thank you for all your hard work and support”, “I love you”. These are just a few of the things you can say to other people. After seeing what a difference it can make, why not do this for the people you love and care for in your life. Also, how easy will it be to be nicer to the people around you, it doesn’t mean not saying when things aren’t right, but it is more about giving those positive affirmations to people. The more you spread positivity, the more it will get passed on to others and the more it will grow. Start this new pandemic today of support and positivity.

Have a great day Sara x

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